Bookends Review

If you have a need for properly cited and referenced works, Bookends is a great option to help you organize and stay on top of all of it.

Best Code Editor for Mac

Code Editor for Mac

They will be able to help you edit source code and make sure everything is functioning as it’s supposed to.

Best File Manager for iPhone

file manager iphone

Having the right file manager on your iPhone can make it much easier to find a photo, document, or any other file you might need.

Best Karaoke Software

Karaoke Software

Users who want the karaoke experience without investing in large equipment can get karaoke software.

Best Photo Scanner Apps

photo scanner

Even if you can’t decide between them, simply pick the one that speaks to you and give it a shot.

Best Mac Cleaning Software

free mac cleaner

Here is a look at the best Mac cleaning software to help make sure your computer is always functioning at the high level you expect.

Best PDF Converter for Mac

A quick roundup review of the best paid and free PDF converter apps for Mac. Make sure to read this before you try or buy.