GoodTask Review: Best Task Manager Based-on Reminders & Calendar

iOS and macOS users will find the Apple has provided a few applications such as Reminders and Calendar for getting things done.

However, these two applications work separately, making it difficult to focus. When things stay in different places, it can be easy to lose track of events, jobs, and things that need to get done.

GoodTask is the bridge that connects Reminders with Calendar, providing a better way to manage your life. Without GoodTask, Reminders is just a checklist tool and Calendar is just a spreadsheet.

But through GoodTask, they can be transferred into a powerful task manager, which not only keeps you on track but also boosts your productivity by managing your jobs or projects.

How Does GoodTask Work?

After you downloaded and installed GoodTask in your Mac, you can see the sleek interface below:

There are 3 panels. The left panel shows your lists, the middle panel shows a scrolling calendar that includes your tasks, and the right panel displays details for any item you have selected.

Syncs with Apple’s Reminders & Calendar

GoodTask integrates your Apple Reminders and Calendar and automatically syncs with both apps. This means any checklists or events you create in GoodTask will automatically be added to your apps, and anything created in the Apple apps will automatically appear in GoodTask.

All details/aspects of your tasks will be kept and are fully supported. There are no worries about losing anything.

Manage Tasks and Projects

Managing tasks and projects is easier when all of your applications work together instead of separately…

As in the screenshot above, you can see the checklist and calendar at the same time. The simple interface helps you understand your tasks easier, which day is assigned to a task, and which group the task belongs to. The app also provides different ways to check your tasks such as by list, day, week, or month.

GoodTask has a simple interface, but lots of strength when it comes to task management. Whether it’s a shopping list or a large ongoing work project, GoodTask can help you to keep productive.

Smart list and filter system

If you have hundreds of tasks or long term projects on the hands, you might need a smart task manager, not just a static list. With a powerful and useful filter system, GoodTask can get the job done.

Inside the app, you can build a smart list and create a filter for it. To do this, just click the “+” button at the bottom left corner, and choose “Smart List”.

Smart Lists have lots of settings, and there are many options that can be customized. You can change the color, add custom tags, add custom filters, and choose how the list interacts with your calendars.

You can also use logical operators such as “AND” and “OR” when setting up your filter, which is great for creating specialized rules for task sorting.

For example, I’ve created a list called #Later @Home, for categorizing what tasks I can do later at home rather than during daily work. So in the filter, we can choose “Text” type (the default is “undated”) and then add the rule as “include Tasks with text #Later AND with text @Home”.

Quick Action

Rather than just displaying events and reminders you already created in your Apple apps, GoodTask also allows you to quickly add tasks through their program as well.

By clicking the “+” button in the upright corner, an input window will appear. Write your task, choose the group/list and set the due date if you have one. Then you’re all set up, and the item will also sync to your Apple products automatically.

You can quickly edit a task by right-clicking on it to reveal an additional menu, as shown here:

It provides a much easier way to edit the task, add a hashtag, revise the due date, duplicate the task, or edit the reminder time. This feature allows you to accomplish many different things with just a few clicks.

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, GoodTask is available for macOS, iOS and Apple Watch. You can download it from GoodTask Website or the Mac App Store for the Mac user. For iOS devices, you can download it from the iOS App Store.

The cost of this application is $19.99, but it offers a 14-day free trial if you’re not completely sure. It’s definitely worth trying out to see how much impact it has on your productivity.

If you have a Setapp subscription ($9.99/mont), then GoodTask is included for free, along with hundreds of other applications.

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Is GoodTask Worth It?

If your life or work filling by lots of tasks, and you are using Reminders or Calendar to help you manage your day, then GoodTask is a powerful tool which will take your organization strategy to the next level. With a sleek and friendly interface, GoodTask works for you rather than against you to make things simpler.

GoodTask is great for clearly knowing what needs to be done next and reminds you at the correct moment. If you’re someone who has a lot going in life at any given time, then it will definitely help you keep everything straight, and is highly recommended.

Wrapping Up

GoodTask is a task manager that put your checklist into your calendar and help your daily workflow tidier. It provides an efficient way to manage your tasks and keep you updated on what you should do next. If you have created many tasks in Apple Reminder and Calendar, GoodTask will be the perfect tool to streamline your work.

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