Paste App Review: Best Clipboard History Manager for Mac and iOS

Every day, we press copy and paste, and often multiple times in a row. That copied information often needs to be reused, but the default copy/paste function can’t store anything.

Paste is a tool that can store and remember what you have copied. Whenever you need those old clips again, it’s easy to find and reuse them. This can make your workflow more robust and improve your productivity.

What is Paste?

Paste is a clipboard history and snippets manager. It’s a tool that can automatically store everything you copied. It keeps your clipboard history very organized, so whenever you want to reference old info or paste it again, it’s easy to find.

How Does Paste Work?

After you install Paste, it will be shown in your menu bar and automatically store all the information you copy.
All the information you copied, it will be stored in it.

Unlimited Clipboard History

The primary function of paste is to provide access to your clipboard history in order to save time and work more efficiently. Here’s how you use it.

Click Paste in the menu bar, and find “Show Paste” as in the screenshot.

This will show you snippets of what you have copied, organized efficiently into boxes. From here, you can even tell where that information was copied from, since the top of the snippet is labeled with the app the information originated in such as Google Chrome, Telegram, Notes, OneNote, Safari, and etc. Each is also labeled by categories such as text, image, or link.

In the History Capacity settings, you can set how long you want to keep the clipboard history in, from one day to unlimited.

Intelligent search

The sleek design is organized so that it’s very easy to find the things you need. You can sort by color, category, and content (search).

Besides search, you can create new pinboards sorted by the content type. It can be by text, links, code, images or any other factor you need. After you create the pinboards, you can choose the snippets to keep there.

iCloud Sync

The information you copied will be synced through iCloud so that you can access all of the copied content in your different Apple devices. Since Paste is available in Mac and iOS, whatever you copied in the computer is available on your iPhone or iPad for immediate reuse.

This a very powerful feature that you can use it to transfer information quickly and safely. It means if you want to get the content from the computer, you just need to copy them, and then that content can be found in the phone right away by the iCloud sync.

What’s more, Paste also enables you to share clipboard history with your friends or send it via AirDrop to other devices. This can really boost your productivity.

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, Paste is available for Mac and iOS. You can get Paste from the Mac App Store, or, you can use the free trial on the Paste website. After 7 days, you can decide whether you want to keep using it or let it go. The one-time cost is $14.99 for one license.

Paste is also available through Setapp. With a $9.99 monthly subscription, you are free to use it and also can access hundreds of additional great Mac apps.

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Is Paste Worth It?

If you are a writer, developer, designer, and doing other work that requires frequently copying and pasting, Paste can really boost your productivity and decrease the repetitive work.

Using it, you can easily access all the copied information and reuse it quickly. You will never need to go back to the website or any place to find the information and to recopy again. It is highly recommended to improve your workflow.

Wrapping Up

Paste is a simple but powerful tool. It’s a great app for building upon the default copy and paste function in the computer. The clipboard history changes the way you use the copy/paste function and can streamline your workflow. With the beautiful design and intelligent search function, you will enjoy using it for your work.

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