KeyKey Typing Tutor Review

Tired of typos? Tired of constantly finding yourself holding the “delete” key?

Typing is a critical part of using a computer, but it can take a while to learn how to do so efficiently. At first, everyone goes slowly and has to look at the keys. But even if you have plenty of practice, you might still struggle with glancing at the keyboard or a low words-per-minute rate.

This is frustrating because typing is a very necessary skill in the modern world. That’s why it’s time to train your finger muscles and master the keyboard. When you can type with joy and confidence, it will greatly improve your productivity.

If you are looking for a typing trainer, KeyKey is the typing tutor that can help you learn to type faster and more precisely.

What Is KeyKey Typing Tutor?

KeyKey Typing Tutor is a touch typing tutor for both beginners and advanced users. It helps you improve your typing skills and typing speed by teaching you proper typing forms and methods. The application supports several keyboard formats and many languages.

How Does KeyKey Typing Tutor Work?

Once you install KeyKey on your Mac, you can choose your language and keyboard layout. After this basic setup, you can start to practice with the app.

Typing Practice With KeyKey Algorithm

Touch typing is about muscle memory, not key locations. Unlike other typing tutor tools, KeyKey has its own algorithm to help create more relevant and useful lessons that aren’t just random repeated characters.

Instead, the program generates the most frequently used letter combinations from thousands of books and articles, and teaches you useful “micro-movements”.

There are many different lessons, which are differentiated by different letter combos that are taught in each. You’ll need to complete lessons 1 through 6 before you can unlock the final “expert” mode.

Each lesson will not only focus on the new letters you have to practice but also on the letters you have practiced before.

KeyKey also notes the mistakes you made when typing, and those problematic letters will appear more frequently in your next practice session.

KeyKey has a virtual keyboard on the screen. As you type, it will flash to show which key you pressed. The minimalist design is elegant and makes typing with the program much more enjoyable than other tools.

Tracking Your Progress

At the bottom right corner, there is a pie chart. Click it and you’ll be sent to the records interface. It shows your typing statistics from the practice, such as typing speed and amount of typos.

The charts are simple, and easy to understand so you can quickly identify where you’re doing great or should practice more.

Supporting Different Languages and Keyboard Layouts

As of this writing, KeyKey supports 9 languages. For each language, the app supports different kinds of keyboard layouts. This means it’s accessible regardless of where you are in the world or which languages you prefer to type in. You can become proficient in many layouts without ever purchasing an additional app.

Price And Platform Compatibility

Currently, KeyKey is only available for Mac. You can get it from the Mac App Store. It costs $9.99, and you get access to all the features.

KeyKey is also available on Setapp, a subscription service that you can try for free for 7 days. After the free trial, Setapp charges $9.99 for unlimited access to hundreds of awesome Mac applications.

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Is KeyKey Typing Tutor Worth It?

If your job requires a lot of typing, and you want to work more precisely and efficiently, then KeyKey is an awesome application to help you nail it.

Because of the elegant and gorgeous design, it’s quite pleasing to use. Although it’s a practice application, it doesn’t stress you out, and instead provides an enjoyable typing experience.

It’s fine-tuned to help you improve as quickly as possible, and is recommended to everyone who wants to improve their typing skills.

Wrapping Up

Typing doesn’t have to be a chore and can be very enjoyable once it becomes an automatic muscle memory movement. You don’t have to constantly look down at the keyboard or hold the delete key, and can be more productive.

KeyKey is a great tool to train your finger muscle memory and help you become an expert in touch typing.

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