4 Best Software to Check PC Health and Diagnose Computer Issues

Last updated: Jan. 22, 2017

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When your Windows computer starts to act up or run much slower than it used to, you know something is wrong. Sure, you can guess the reasons based on your guts and you might be right.

But if you want to get an accurate and definite understanding of the situation, it's best to combine your guess with some data reports — provided by a reliable PC health check software.

There is few software that is capable of offering comprehensive computer diagnosing reports. Some are good at detecting virus/malware threats, some good at scanning Windows system for potential issues, while others great for cleaning hard drive.

We've got four best tools for checking PC health and diagnosing Windows system issues.

To Check PC Viruses

We recommend BitDefender Antivirus Plus — you should have heard about or experienced the damage caused by those notorious computer viruses. So far, the best way to detect, remove and prevent this kind of threats is by running an antivirus program.

The best security software should not only be powerful but also light-weighted (i.e. consuming less system resource). We recommend BitDefender over other alternatives in that it's solid as validated in tests ran by independent labs and it's easy to use as reflected by the sleek software interface.

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To Detect Malware and Adware

We recommend SpyHunter Anti-Malware — the best anti-spyware tool for removing malware and protecting you from various threats that antivirus often can't detect.

The thing we also like about the program is its ability to kill Adware, it's less-harmful than malicious software but it injects annoying pop-ups and flash ads while you use web browsers to surf the Internet. If you feel your PC is bogged down or unable to run correctly, you should run SpyHunter and see what it finds. 

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To Clean up PC Hard Drive

You can try CleanMyPC — an easy to use yet powerful cleaning tool for Windows PCs. It works great to detect system junks and hard drive clutters. You can remove gigabytes of useless files or folders and free up a lot of storage space, which would help tune up your PC performance.

The app also includes several super useful utilities such as Secure Erase, Complete Uninstall, Registry Maintenance, Startup Manager, etc. In short: if your computer is slow due to an almost full hard drive, CleanMyPC is the ultimate solution to go. The software can run on PCs with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.

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To Diagnose Windows System Issues

We recommend Iolo System Mechanic — a powerful system optimizer that fixes all kinds of PC issues and speeds up its overall performance.

With Iolo, you'll save a few hundred of dollars by paying a trip to a local computer shop. That's why Dell also collaborates with Iolo to provide a software solution called Dell Free PC Health Check. Bottom line: if your computer lags because of potential Windows system problems, System Mechanic is the tool you'll need.

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Unlike Macs, PCs are more prone to issues, from virus and malware infections to littered system junks and many other problems. Over time, you'll notice your PC starts to slow down. By getting a PC health check tool, you'll get an accurate report on what is causing the problems so you can take actions to fix them. Either it's a security software that helps eliminate external threats or a cleanup utility that helps fix various system issues, by using them you'll be more likely to bring life back to your PC and make your computer faster and more efficient.

Chris Hwang

Chris is a certified computer technician since 2008. He writes everything related to computer issues and loves helping people solve problems. Currently, he's extending his interests into cloud computing.

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