Path Finder Review: Great Alternative App to Mac Finder

On macOS, Finder is the main gate for all your files and folders. I’ve been using Mac for quite some years and I’d say managing files, moving files or folders, and checking file info with the Finder app is not that smooth (sorry Apple!).

Is there another alternative to Finder? Yes, we do. Meet Path Finder — a great app that aims to help you manage your Mac files in a better way.

What is Path Finder?

Path Finder is a comprehensive file manager for Mac that makes moving, browsing, and checking files much easier.

Path Finder offers two panels to maximize your productivity, which promises to save you time. The Modules is a very creative part of the app. It also offers several extra features to deal with your files.

Path Finder2

How Does Path Finder Work?

Once you install Path Finder. You will find that there are two parts. One is the main interface, which is similar to the default Finder app on Mac, and another is Modules.

1. Moving Files Easier

Drop Stack

Path Finder7

Drop Stack is a temporary place for dropping your files. It makes moving files around convenient. With it, you will never need to put your files on your desktop (we all hate cluttered desktop, don’t we?)

Also, you don’t need to open two folders and go forward or backward to move around. All you need to do is drop your files in the Drop Stack and drag them to your destination.

Dual Pane View

Path Finder1

Dual pane view is a great upgrade compared to the Finder app on Mac. With one click, you are able to switch between one pane and dual pane view.

Dual pane is built for productivity. You can have two folders open in the same window. Moving, copying, comparing, etc. can be done in a simple way. Once you start using it, you’ll understand how efficient it is.

2. Checking Files Faster

With Path Finder, there are many ways to easily check file info.


Path Finder5

When you view all folders and files as columns and choose a file in Path Finder, you are able to see a lot of detailed information in the Preview pane. The Preview pane contains size, info, attributes, and the whole file preview.

Not only these, but you can also set up tags and ratings, permissions, and the apps to open with. So you don’t need to right-click and get the info. Path Finder shows you everything.

Size Browser

Path Finder4

At the top of Path Finder, there’s Size Browser. Clicking on it, the size of the full level of files or folders will be shown right away in a pop-up window. So whenever you want to know the size of the file or folder, just click it. Super handy!

Show Invisibles

Path Finder8

Beside the Size Browser, there’s a button called Show Invisibles. You know in Finder, the hidden files or folders can’t be seen normally and it takes time and effort to show them out in the Finder.

But in Path Finder, with just one click, all those hidden files and folders will be seen right away. As you can see from the screenshot above, those names are in grey color, they are hidden files, but now they show up and you can click and check them.

3. Customize With Modules

Path Finder6

Modules is a special part of Path Finder. It’s a separate window from the main interface. Everything inside is one feature that you can use. Note that the main interface of Path Finder can be customized.

If you want to add more features or take some features out from the main interface, just by dragging to the bottom of the main interface or the right side of the main interface, you can see the new sections show up.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Path Finder 8 is only available for macOS. The app is not free, but you are able to get it and have 30 days trial from its official website. After day 30, you will have to pay $40 to access full features. If you are upgrading from the old version, the upgrade costs $20.

Another good option is to get Path Finder from Setapp. Setapp is a Mac app subscription service that offers a 7-day free trial and later $9.99 per month by subscription. By subscribing to it, you have full access to all the apps in it (including Path Finder) without extra cost.

>> Get Path Finder on Setapp <<

Is Path Finder Worth It?

Honestly, $40 is a bit expensive for a file manager app. While we can’t deny the powerful features Path Finder has to offer. It’s really a competitive alternative to the Finder for Mac users.

If you are a lot of files on your Mac and you need to deal with them on a daily basis, a file manager like Path Finder will be very helpful in improving your workflow and efficiency.

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