Unclutter Review: Amazing Clipboard Notes App for Mac

If you want to reuse the text that you just copied and pasted 30 seconds ago, you often need to go back to the page and redo it again. If you want to see the information you copied two days ago, chances are you won’t find it.

You like to keep files on your desktop but later you have no clue how to manage them. When you have an idea of what to jot down, but it’s gone when you launch your note app.

Do any of the above experiences resonate with you? If yes, then you’ll probably like Unclutter — a handy app that can help you manage all those works, clipboards, files, and notes. Read on and see what’s the app about and how to use it.

What is Unclutter?

Unclutter is a place where you store your paste clips and notes. And it will manage all the files for you. With Unclutter, you are able to re-use and check your paste history.

You can note down your ideas at any time. You can even drag and drop files to keep your desktop clean. In a word, it’s more like a multifunction toolbox.

How Does Unclutter Work?

After you installed Unclutter, you can find it in the Mac menu bar.


There are several ways to open the mainboard. Move your mouse to the top of the screen, scroll down, hold the key that you set up, wait for a half-second, or customize the short key. This can be set in the Preferences.


1. Review Clipboard


The clipboard is the place to store your paste history. You can set up how many histories can be kept, from 10 to 50 items.

This is super convenient when you want to go back to check what you copied as well as to reuse the information if you need any of them.

Unclutter also cares about your privacy. It allows you to set up the information where you copied can be kept in the clipboard or not.

So if you have sensitive data from some apps, you can add those apps to the setting, and then all the information you copied from them will not be kept in the clipboard.

2. Manage Files


Unclutter can also be used as a place to store your files. When Unclutter is running, you can drag your files and bring them to the top of the screen, then you can put it on the board.

The files will be kept in the default place, if you have a destination or the folder for your files, just set it up in the setting and the files will be kept there.

Another job Unclutter can do for you is to help you move files faster. When you move files between different folders on Mac, you know that’s a pain.

However, by using Unclutter, you can take that space as a temporary stop for your files and open other folders to move them in. This way you will not need to open two folders and busy around.

3. Take Notes


Unclutter is also a notebook where you can quickly write down your ideas or things that you might easily forget. No need to open another note app.

The difference between Unclutter’s notes board and other note apps is that the notes board is more convenient, and you don’t need to switch between apps. It’s more like a sticky note, write and leave. It fits more for the fast thoughts that you might forget when you are waiting for the note app to be launched.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Unclutter is only available for macOS at the time of this writing.

You can get it from its official website, or from the Mac App Store. It’s not a free app, but you still can get the trial version from their website and see how it works for you. The one-time cost is $19.99.

Unclutter is also available on Setapp. Setapp is an app subscription service where you can get a lot of great paid Mac apps. It has a 7-day free trial, and then $9.99 per month. You can use Unclutter as well as access all other apps in Setapp.

>> Get Unclutter on Setapp <<

Is Unclutter Worth It?

It depends on which feature attracts you the most in Unclutter, for me personally, I love the clipboard the most. Previously, I also used the Paste app to manage clipboard history. While Unclutter is more like a toolbox for clipboard, files, and notes, and is more powerful than Paste.


Unclutter is a great utility toolbox for clipboards, files, and notes. It’s very simple to use and able to help you more efficiently. Try it and see how it can help you.

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