Capto Review: All-in-One Screen Capture App for Mac

Capturing a screen on Mac is easy as long as you remember the shortcuts. But when it comes to screen recording and video editing, you often need different third-party apps. What if there’s a tool that satisfies all your screen recording needs?

Capto 6

Enter Capto, a Mac app that’s super friendly for beginners to capture and record screens, and it allows you to directly edit the recorded clips. Plus, it keeps and manages all files well so you can share your work easily.

What is Capto?

Capto is a simple but powerful app for screen capturing and recording. It also enables you to edit and annotate the screenshots and videos right away, without having to leave the app. It’s basically like QuickTime + iMovie for Mac users.

How Does Capto Work?

After you installed the app, you’ll see its main interface like this. It looks simple, but not simple as there are a lot of features in it that can improve your workflow.

Capto 4

On the top left side, there are three tabs: Organizer, Image, Video. Organizer is the library to keep and manage all your images and videos. When you click Image or Video, it will lead you to the editing interface. In the central area, that are quick ways to do different screen capturing. Let’s go deeper into each feature.

1. Screen Capturing

Capto 3

Capto provides five different ways to capture the screen fast and easily with just one click.

  • Fullscreen capturing: capture your current full screen.
  • Area capturing: capture the part of the screen in a Rectangle, Circle, or Freehand.
  • Window capturing: if there are different active windows on your screen and you want to capture one of them. Choose this option, then click on a window and select it. That’s it! There’s no need to close all other windows.
  • Menu capturing: screenshot the drop-down menu.
  • Web page capturing: copy and paste the URL of the webpage that you want to do the screenshot and you can snap from Capto’s browser or you can capture the active browser quickly.

2. Screen Recording

Capto 5

No matter how messy your desktop is, Capto allows you to decide whether you want to show or hide the desktop in the recording. You can even change the background of your desktop in the app. This’s another time-saving feature.

Go to Record, you can choose fullscreen record, area record, or record with your FaceTime HD camera. Capto allows you to adjust settings for the sound so you are able to record the sound and screen altogether.

This is a useful feature for people who want to record an online class, make an explainer video, or app tutorial.

3. Image Editing & Annotation

Capto 2

Once you captured the images, you can use Capto to directly edit them right away. You don’t need to turn to or use another photo editing app. Add marks, texts, notes, and a lot more.

4. Video Editing

Capto 7

You can also edit the video, and audio and add the annotation. For the video, it allows you to cut, crop, and trim. For the audio, you are able to adjust the volume of the track, mute, and even set up fade-in and fade-out. For the annotation, add any marks that you need to do in your video.

5. Files Management & Sharing

Capto 8

When you go to Organizer, you can find the Library of images and videos, also Capto has the Smart Collections. One thing I especially like about this feature is that whenever you do the capturing or recording, all the images and videos will be saved in the app automatically.

You don’t need to worry about where to find them. Just focus on the capturing first, and then come to the library later. For the Smart Collections, you can set the rules to find out and organize your collections well.

Sharing and exporting your work is super convenient. Sign in to your account and you can share any images or videos directly there.

Capto 1

Price and Platform Compatibility

At this time of writing, Capto is only available for Mac. They offer a trial version, and you can download it from their official website. If you want to gain full access to all its features, the cost of the full version is $29.99 from the App Store.

Capto is also available in Setapp, a monthly subscription app that offers a 7-day free trial with full access for all features, later $9.99 per month. You can access not only Capto, but all other great apps in Setapp as well.

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Is Capto Worth It?

When you think about all the features Capto offers, $29.99 is not expensive. Capturing and recording the screen, editing images and videos, and it even has a great library manager. I think it’s totally worth it.

Final Words

Capto simplifies the workflow of screen capturing, recording, and editing. With excellent file management, easy capturing and recording, and powerful editing features, it’s a one-stop to handle your screen recording needs. I recommend it.

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