Remote Mouse Review: Turn Phone into Mac Input Device

Wireless control is more and more popular in our life now. From smart air conditioners to Amazon Alexa, people love and enjoy the freedom of wireless life.

When we lie down on the bed or sofa, we don’t want to run back and forth to an appliance just to turn it on/off or to adjust some settings, and wireless tech gives us complete convenience to do those small tasks from afar.

Your computer can also be remotely controlled with the right tools, allowing you to watch movies, play music, or do other things without getting up while you relax.

Although your computer doesn’t come with a built-in wireless remote, you can use Remote Mouse to achieve this anyways.

But what is Remote Mouse? How does it work? Let’s get started.

What Is Remote Mouse?

Remote Mouse is an app that enables you to control your computer wirelessly on your phone or tablet. When your computer and phone are both connected to the same wifi, they can be paired to allow Remote Mouse to work its magic.

It lets you play music, play movies, control sliders, or browse the web, using your computer’s power but from the palm of your hand.

How Does Remote Mouse Work?

Before you make Remote Mouse work, you have to install it on your Mac and your phone. After the installation, it will show up in the menu bar of your Mac.

As you can see from the screenshot, the phone or tablet can connect to your computer by IP Address or QR Code. Now, open Remote Mouse on your phone. Connect to the same wifi network as your computer is on, and then it’s all set up.

Control And Type

The upper green space is the trackpad area, there are several buttons just below this, and lastly a keyboard at the very bottom.

The upper trackpad area is to control the cursor, and the function is equal to a regular mouse. The left white button works as the left mouse button, while the right one corresponds to the right mouse button. This means you can click anywhere on your computer using your phone.

Below the trackpad area and mouse, you’ll see the keyboard. This replaces your physical keyboard so you don’t have to get up to find that next episode or search for a specific song.

Play Movie or Music

Click the “play” button and the media control panel will come out. It’s like a shortcut to open iTunes on your computer. You can use it to play or pause music/movie, adjust the volume, play the next song, or back to the last one.

Application Remote And Browser website

Remote Mouse is also useful for quickly launching and switching between different applications. If you know the pain of going back to the desktop repeatedly to switch between apps, Remote Mouse will let you bypass that completely.

What’s more, you can add the websites that you visit often (such as Netflix, a new channel, or social media) and go directly there. You don’t even need to open your browser.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Remote Mouse is available for all platforms of computers and phones, not just Mac.

You can get it from the Remote Mouse website, or the Mac App Store. The software is free to download and use.

But if you want to use the mouse, one-hand slider, a keyboard that supports Windows & Mac shortcuts, and a larger trackpad in the landscape mode you will need to upgrade to the Pro version for $1.99.

Remote Mouse is also available through Setapp. With a $9.99 monthly subscription, you are free to use Remote Mouse and hundreds of other great Mac apps.

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Is Remote Mouse Worth It?

Remote Mouse is a convenience tool, and if that matters to you then $1.99 is a very small fee for an app with a lot of versatility. If you don’t want to pay, you can choose to use the free version of Remote Mouse without some features. Either way, Remote Mouse is designed to make things easier for you and is definitely worth at least trying out.

If you tend to watch content on your computer (perhaps while it is connected to your TV), give presentations from your laptop and need a cheap remote, or want to manage your computer from afar then Remote Mouse is the tool for the job. It works seamlessly for anyone who needs to wireless control their computer.

Wrapping Up

Technology changes our lives, usually for the better. It’s long past time to ditch the wires and cables and get a wireless tool like Remote Mouse instead.

Whether it’s a replacement movie remote control, used for typing, or for browsing a website, you have complete access from just your phone. So while your computer may not come with a built-in remote, Remote Mouse can definitely pick up the slack.

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