IconJar Review: Awesome Icon Management App for Mac

If you are a designer or developer, icons are one of the essential parts of your work. I’m not a pro designer but I make simple designs and slides a lot.

Usually, I download icons and put them on my desktop or in the download folder. Sometimes when I want to use them, I don’t know where to find them, even though I remember I downloaded them before.

You see, management is key. Is there any tool for managing icons? The answer is yes! IconJar is a new tool I just discovered and it’s a great helper for me to manage my icon collections.

IconJar 1

What is IconJar?

IconJar, as the name indicates, is a comprehensive management tool for icons. It not only manages icons, but you can also edit the icon with color, size, and export it to different formats.

Simply put, just throw all your icons into IconJar and it will manage them well.

How Does IconJar Work?

IconJar is connected with Google. Once you install IconJar on your Mac, it will ask you whether you want to import Google material icons to it. It’s your choice.

The app has a super sleek interface design as you can see from the screenshot above. The left side is the panel where you can set up the folders for your icon. The middle part is for showing icons. The right part is the editing panel.

1. Icon Management


IconJar is super powerful at management. No matter how many icons you have, even with different formats, you are able to import them to IconJar and gather all of your collections there. In this sense, it’s a one-stop for your icon collections.

On top of the main interface, there is a plus icon. Clicking it, you are able to create different sets for your icons. You can organize icons by their types, use, or source.

Importing your icons to IconJar is also easy. Just drag and drop, or go to the folder that you choose or set up, or by browsing icons on the Internet and importing them to the app.

IconJar supports a variety of formats and actually offers resources to download icons. No matter whether your icon is in SVG or PNG, you can put it into IconJar. IconJar also has its own format, .iconjar — which is supported by Iconfinder and UI8.

2. Icon Editing


Besides managing icons, IconJar also offers limited editing options. After you select the icon, the icon info will be shown on the right panel. You can set up the size, format, and color before exporting it. Tag is also available in IconJar.

You can rename the icon and edit the tag, so you can easily find specific icons from all the collections. IconJar has its default way to open icons by type of format, while it also allows you to choose your own way to open.

3. Icon Exporting

iconjar 6

If you are a Mac app developer or designer, you’ll love the exporting feature. IconJar has pre-setted sizes for different purposes, like for apps, menu bar, toolbar and etc. You don’t need to type these different sizes, IconJar has already done that for you.

Not only size, IconJar also allows you to select the format to export, such as PNG, TIFF, WEBP, GIF, ICO, SVG, PDF, EPS, JPG, ORIG are all supported. If you have different requirements for icons when exporting, you can also set it up.


Price and Platform Compatibility

IconJar is only available for macOS at the time of this review. It is not free, $34.99 for the first year, and $29.99 for the yearly renewal. If you want to try it first, you can get the trial version from IconJar’s official website.

You may also want to get the IconJar from Setapp, a subscription service for Mac apps. It has hundreds of awesome Mac apps and offers a 7-day free trial with full access to all apps in it including IconJar. From day 8, you pay $9.99 per month for a subscription.

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Is IconJar Worth It?

$34.99 for the first year and then $29.99 annually, IconJar is definitely not cheap. If you use it for several years, the total cost can easily go over $100.

But considering the convenience the app could offer, and the time it could help save for you to find that specific icon or edit it, I’d say it’s worth the price tag. Don’t forget that IconJar also offers some great free icons.


IconJar is a beautiful and powerful icon collection tool for Mac. Even though it’s a bit high on pricing, it is truly an efficient tool for managing and editing icons. I recommend it.

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