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Our Mission

We are here to help you solve daily tech issues related to software, apps, or popular web tools.

The Internet is a powerhouse. According to this Global Internet Usage data by BBC:

In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world’s population, would be online by the end of the year.

The Internet has become the go-to place for us to search for information and solutions. But it can be a hit or miss to find good solutions that actually work! This is especially true in the software industry — hundreds of new software and apps are being developed each day, and many became outdated.

What does that mean to you? It’s hard to find the best software and tools that work to solve the problem you are facing.

That’s why we started this website to help you find the best SaaS products that work and provide you with easy-to-follow guides or tutorials, saving you time exploring.

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can solve complicated tech problems by following our guides and tutorials.

Our Approach

We try, test, research, review, and recommend only the best software or solutions to solve your tech problems.

You probably don’t want to wait hours running a data recovery software simply to retrieve accidentally deleted photos, or spend a few thousand dollars for a new Mac if you know the best solution is actually replacing the hard drive of your old MacBook Pro with a new solid-state drive (SSD).

Your time is precious! It’s better to spend it on something more important, instead of sitting in front of your computer and scratching your head.

Our goal is to bring a simple and transparent approach to the editorial content, be it a piece of a software review or a how-to guide that addresses a specific Windows or macOS issue.

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If you find some of our articles useful, there are several ways you can do to help sustain this tech site and motivate us to create more useful content:

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Our Team

We are a team of tech enthusiasts who have hands-on experience on how to solve software and apps related problems. We only cover topics and issues we have personally encountered (and you might too), so you save time exploring because we will tell you how to fix this or that in an easy-to-follow manner.

Jessica Carrell

Jessica is the co-founder and content manager. She has been fascinated by the startup culture in Silicon Valley and loves building things from zero to one. When she is not writing, she loves getting close to nature and shooting photos with her iPhone and Canon EOS 80D. Follow her on Twitter.

Andreas Louis

Andreas is a freelance tech writer based in California. He works on a Mac in the office and lives with a PC and many old computer electronics at home. While he is not reading or writing, you’ll probably find him playing online games with friends.

Hillary Grigonis

Hillary is a freelance technology writer and wedding photographer based in Michigan. She worked as a photojournalist for several years and then started her own business. While her favorite tech brands are Apple and Nikon, she enjoys exploring all but the most frustrating new devices.

Chris Hwang

Chris is a lifelong tech enthusiast with a broad range of interests including coding, data analysis, traveling, and more. He used to work as a software programmer immersing himself in the world of codes, now he finds it more interesting talking to real people.

Yana Mogyla

Yana is a graphic designer and tech enthusiast who loves fixing things and helping people out with technical problems. She is an Apple fan and currently uses a MacBook Pro, iPhone SE, and iPad. She is an expert in software tools like Canva, Notion, Figma, Chrome, and Google Drive.

Nancy Thao

Nancy is a freelance writer who keeps herself up-to-date with the latest technology trends and enjoys experimenting with content creation for social media. Nancy is skilled in video editing with iMovie and Capcut, as well as photo editing and graphic design using Photoshop.


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