Squash Review: Powerful Batch Photo Editor for Mac

Compressing images on Mac isn’t really a difficult task. There are tons of tools and services out there. However, when talking about compressing quality and speed, there aren’t many great tools on the market.

Think about when you need to send a bunch of images by email. Your goal is to return images of the smallest size with the highest visual quality. You may also need to name this batch of images, or even convert them to JPGs if they are not.


See? Normally you’ll need to use three different tools to get the job done. But with Squash, you don’t.

What is Squash?

Squash is an image compression app for Mac. With just one click, you are able to compress a bunch of images to a smaller size but without loss of visual quality.

Also, it can convert your images to other formats, like convert PSD, RAW, CR2, and TIFF files into JPGs. With beautiful design and animation, it’s simple to use as well.

How Does Squash Work?

Squash comes with a beautiful and sleek interface design as you can see from its main interface below. When you drop an image into it, you can see the smooth animation and hear a funny sound. These make me feel joyful when using the app.

1. Image Compression

The main function of Squash is to compress images. When you upload the images to the website or send images by email. It’s better to have good quality files but with a tiny size.


In the app settings, you can set up the quality of JPG, from low to high quality 90% or even 100%. The higher the quality you select, the bigger the image size will be. It depends on how many details you want to keep.

If you compress a PNG file, it will be resized even smaller, but that will take a little bit longer to complete too.


Squash can even compress Raw files as well. Below is a test image I put into the app, and it reduced 46.8MB! What surprised me most is the quality of the compressed file, it looks almost identical to the original image. Quite amazing?!

Raw File
Compressed File

You can drop one image to Squash at one time, or drop one folder with a bunch of images in it. Squash is able to compress all of them at one time and save them all. What a time saver!

2. Image Conversion

Another great feature is converting images. As of this writing, Squash supports converting PSD, RAW, CR2, and TIFF files into JPGs. So if you don’t need to edit photos in Photoshop, you don’t convert them, well done Squash.


When you use Squash to compress PSD, RAW, CR2, and TIFF files, they will also be automatically converted to JPGs. When handling with PNGs, the app won’t convert them to JPGs by default. But you can adjust the setting to do so if you want.

3. Metadata Removal

Removing metadata is also available here. When you don’t want to show the metadata of some images, with just one click in Squash, that information will be removed. Here’s a screenshot of a test image I just did. After compressing, metadata is gone.


4. Rename Images

Another feature that you may like is renaming images. You are able to add a custom suffix to the names. This will save you a lot of time when you need to rename a bunch of images.

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, Squash is only available for macOS.

The app is not free, one-time cost is $15.00. You are able to get it from the Mac App Store. If you want to try it out first, you can get the trial version from the official Squash website.

Squash is also available on Setapp. Setapp is a monthly subscription for Mac apps. It has 7-day trial and later $9.99 per month. Once you subscripted it, you are allowed to use all apps on it for free, including Squash 2.

>> Get Squash on Setapp <<

Is Squash Worth it?

It all depends on your needs. If you need to upload a lot of images every day in your work, send the images by email, or have to work on documents that also contain many images, you’ll appreciate what the Squash app has to offer.

Before using Squash, I used several tools together to compress, rename, and convert images. But now I don’t need and I found Squash really a time-saver and surely it’s a productivity app for me at the moment.

$15 dollars is not cheap for a compressing tool, but considering how often I use it and the time it saves for me, it’s definitely worth the price tag.


You can find many tools for image compressing on the Internet. But Squash remains the most beautiful and I’d confidently say that it’s the best image-compressing app. Try it and see how it works for you.

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