Lacona Review: The Best Way to Use App Launcher for Mac

In this busy world, people are always on the lookout for ways to streamline their life and work.

An app launcher is one tool that helps us with productivity. If you’re a Mac user, you might have tried Spotlight, the macOS built-in launcher. It allows you to do some calculations, open apps, or perform simple searches.

But if you are looking for a more powerful launcher which can make your Mac smarter and more efficient, Lacona is the way to go. It has innumerable possibilities, so here’s a quick look.

What Is Lacona?

Lacona is an app launcher that uses commands to make your work on Mac smarter rather than harder.

You don’t have to learn any special formats because Lacona interprets natural language, allowing you to open apps, play music, find files, send texts, create reminders, search the web, schedule events, translate phrases, calculate, define words, make calls, change your settings, and so much more.

How Does Lacona Work?

After installed Lacona on your Mac, it can be activated by using a shortcut of your choice. Once active, you will see a very simple window.

Don’t be deceived- the interface is simple and easy to use, but Lacona is a powerful tool.

When you using Lacona, you just need to type whatever you want to do. The app will give you intelligent suggestions based on what you write, and then run your commands.

Powerful Features

In the Preferences interface, we can see all features Lacona has. You can do the most customization here, as well as choose whether you need certain features or not.

There are so many features and connected apps it would be impossible to list all the commands. But basically, Lacona allows you to interact with many applications using natural language- no need to learn special sequences or phrases.

As you type the commands, you can see command suggestions generated beneath your text. The program makes a continuous effort to understand you and provide the simplest way to say what you want.

Whether it’s to search the web, open apps, play music, send emails, text, or make a call, the intelligent suggestion feature allows the users to work with Lacona as soon as they open it, rather than waste time learning special keywords.

Fast Action

The main reason for using a launcher is to do things faster, and Lacona is blazingly fast. Instead of clicking the dock a hundred times a day, you can use commands and make things fast. Plus, results are live as you type.

Also, applications launched through Lacona take only a second, since you never need to go back to the Dock or click the Launchpad to find them.

Completely Flexible

There’s a saying that “your only limit is your imagination”. This is definitely true when using Lacona. Besides its built-in features for working with apps on your computer, there are still many other addons that do things like prevent your computer sleeping, open Chrome bookmarks, convert currency or set alarms.

What’s more, you can trigger IFTTT commands from Lacona. IFTTT stands for “if this then that”, and it allows you to link actions in one application to the second action in a second application.

This addon lets you do many things, such as post-social media, control your intelligence devices, make a phone call, save and update the news and etc. Check iFTTT guide here to see how you can set it up and make the best use of it.

Price & Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, Lacona is currently available for macOS only. You can get the software from their official website here.

Lacona has both a Free and Pro version. With Lacona Pro, you can use the addons without any delay once you type the command. These addons can be unlocked by upgrading to Pro at $29.99, one-time fee.

Lacona is also available from Setapp which is a subscription service where you get a few hundred awesome Mac apps at $9.99 per month. Setapp has a free 7-day trial.

>> Get Lacona on Setapp (Free Download) <<

Is Lacona Worth It?

The reason we use tool is the tool can help us work better. If you rarely use Spotlight, the built-in launcher in Mac, try Lacona, and you will find a new world. If you have been used Spotlight, you will find Lacona is much more powerful.

For some users, the free version will be more than enough to meet all needs, and users will still have an enjoyable experience with the software.

As addons are a premium feature for Pro version, it suggests that any user new to launchers try the free version for some time and see if it’s a good fit. Since the pro version is not very cheap at nearly thirty dollars, you definitely want to try the application first. On the other hand, if you are an experienced launcher user, and IFTTT can make a great impact on your work, Lacona Pro is a great choice for you.

Wrapping Up

With intelligent suggestions, Lacona is truly a powerful helper. There is so much work that can be done with it, but don’t get overwhelmed. Try it for some time and find out the best way to use it. Once you get started with the app, you’ll definitely notice an increase in productivity.

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