Get Backup Pro Review: A Powerful Data Backup App for Mac

Have you ever lost any data from your computer? Maybe it refused to boot, or the disk got corrupted by a virus, or you accidentally dropped it. Regardless, it’s an incredibly frustrating position to be in. Lost data is always horrible, and forces you to start over from scratch without your important files and information.

We all want our data to be kept safe and accessible whenever we want. But how can you reasonably achieve this? With the backup app Get Backup Pro, it’s easy.

What Is Get Backup Pro?

Get Backup Pro is a powerful backup software for Mac. Besides being able to perform a quick backup, it can also help you create bootable and encrypted backups, sync folders, and restore data to your computer. It allows you to feel that your computer’s files are secure in the event of a potential data loss.

How Does Get Backup Pro Work?

After you install the software, you’ll see a window like this:

In the left area, there are tabs for backup, archive, clone, synchronize. These are the four main functions of Get Backup Pro.

1. Backup Your Data

As we said, backup file storage is the main function of this software. At the bottom of the main interface, you can create the new project by click “+”.

In this part, you can set up labeled folders to store different kinds of data, like email, music, photo, videos, work files. This is a really cool feature that helps you to gather your data in an organized way.

When you create the new folder, you will enter the setting interface like the screenshot below.

You can fully customize the folder and how it will be backed up, including the backup destination, the max size for the folder, options to save or delete the older backups. What’s more, you can schedule the backup so that it updates automatically instead of waiting for you to manually save the data. It makes the process smart and flexible.

With Get Backup Pro, you will always know how to find your backup data easily by different categories.

2. Archive Your Documents

In the archive section, you can choose between full or incremental backup, what’s more, even encrypt it by using blowfish, triple DES, AES-128, or AES-256. This is great if you need to back up sensitive data and files.

The archive files can be restored in any computer, and you don’t even have to install Get Backup Pro on another computer.

3. Clone

Clone allows you to migrate your data to a new device, like a disk or hard drive. After you build up your folders, you can choose the source – which data you hope to clone and the destination – where you want to clone them.

With this feature, clone your Mac disk volume to get a backup disk that can be boosted up at any time. If your system died or you want to set up your new computer, you can just grab these cloned files out and restore them right away!

This clone feature can be also set to execute automatically. Schedule it once, and it will run by itself without your help.

4. Synchronize

Synchronize keeps your folders updated whenever there’s a change. In these settings, you have the freedom to choose the folders you want to sync. This helps efficiently check a folder for new files without manually browsing through it, and updates the matching folder as well.

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, Get Backup Pro is only available for Mac computers, and you can get it from Get Backup Pro website. It has a free trial and costs $19.99 for a single license once the trial is over. They also provide a family pack of 5 licenses for $34.99. If you want to upgrade from an older version, it’s $9.99 for one device.

Get Backup Pro is also available in Setapp, the subscription software that provides access to hundreds of awesome Mac software. For $9.99/month, you can use SetApp to access Get Backup Pro as well as many other mac applications.

Does Get Backup Pro Worth It?

If you’ve ever lost data before, nobody needs to tell you twice that a good backup program is an absolute must for your computer. But if you’ve been lucky enough to not experience this yet, take it from the people who had to learn the hard way- you should definitely back up your computer before anything unexpected happens.

Get Backup Pro is a super useful app with pleasant user experience. With it, your backups can be done automatically and kept very organized. And in the event of an accident, error, or unanticipated loss, you can easily restore your original files. The protection of your data is worth a lot more than a single $19.99 license.

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Wrapping Up

Get Backup Pro is not just a backup software, but a tool that can also archive, protect, clone and synchronize automatically. With the clean interface, it’s easy to learn how to make it work for you. It helps you to back up the important data, but also organize them in a great way.

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