Hype Review: HTML5 Animation Tool for Mac

Want to make professional animation web pages? What about just an amazing e-card for your best friend? Or would you rather create infographics and an impressive presentation for work?

All of those above sounds really difficult and headache-inducing, especially if you don’t have the coding experience necessary for making animated web content. That’s where Hype comes to play — it’s an HTML5 animation tool that will make everything a lot simpler.

What Is Hype?

Hype is a powerful but simple-to-use HTML5 animation tool. It allows you to create web animations without learning how to code and can be useful for many situations where you need eye-catching and engaging content.

How Does Hype Work?

After you installed Hype, you will find the main interface is similar to Apple’s Keynote presentation software. The canvas is in the middle of the screen, and other elements and settings are around it.

Add Scenes And Layouts

When working on a new product, there will need many different kinds of scenes. So in this app, the scenes and layouts are very accessible, with a button on the top left where you can toggle viewing them.

Scenes allow you to divide your content into different chunks, while the layouts allow you to choose the correct sizing for different devices. In the layouts, you can easily add a new responsively layout for iPhone, iPad, and Desktop.

Insert Elements And Symbols

In Hype, you are able to add many elements like text, button, image, video, audio, etc. If you want to add shapes, it only supports 3 kinds as of this writing: rectangle, rounded rectangle, and ellipse.

And it cannot work directly with Photoshop or Sketch. You’ll probably want to do any graphic designs in a separate app and import them.

In the middle part of the top menu, there are four different ways to arrange elements. The elements can easily be grouped or ungrouped, put to the front or put back.

Symbols are reusable components containing elements, timelines, and animations. It’s very useful to manage different elements, especially in a big animation project.

The persistent symbol is like the background of PowerPoint, you can apply it to every scene.

Preview in different ways

Preview is an awesome feature of Hype. After you finish your design, you can preview how it looks on different platforms. Hype supports preview in the browser.

What’s more, Hype also supports preview on your phone. But you have to install an App called Hype Reflect. This makes Hype extremely convenient for previewing designs on mobile.


The timeline is divided into the main timeline and the timeline for properties.

Here, you can find the record button. Just select a time, choose an element, and change the shape or the location of the element, manually mimicking the animation you want. This action is recorded and saved as that object’s animation. No coding or any other complicated work is required.

Flexible Settings

On the right side of the main interface, there are lots of settings, like Document, Scene, Metrics, Element, Typography, Actions, Physics, and Identity. All of them let you animate in different ways, or make the app easier for you to use.

Hype also has a learning center, where they provide tutorials, documentation, and other support to make the best use of Hype. Check it out to learn more.

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, Hype is only available on Mac. You can get it from the Hype website. There is a free trial that offers 14 days of fully functional access. After 14 days, you’ll need to purchase the software to continue using it.

There are two versions, Standard and Professional. You can find more details information here about the difference between them. The cost for the Standard version is $49.99, and $99.99 for the Pro version. If you choose Standard first, you can upgrade to Pro later.

Hype is also available in the Mac App Store and the subscription service Setapp. Setapp offers a 7-day trial, but after this, a subscription is $9.99/month for access to hundreds of different apps (including Hype).

>> Get Hype via Setapp <<

Is Hype Worth It?

If you are working with HTML5, Hype is a hands-on and powerful tool. If you are looking for an easy using HTML5 animation tool, Hype is the software that doesn’t need any coding experience. With the sleek and beautiful interface, it’s very pleasing to use and is highly recommended.

The price of it is not cheap, but for a useful and powerful tool, it’s worth it to make your workflow simpler.

Wrapping Up

Without any coding experience, you can use Hype to make your own HTML5 animations. It’s powerful and easy to use, so get inspired and make your imagination come to life!

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