Gifox Review: GIF Maker That Records Screen on Mac

Thousands of pictures are shared on social media every day. But when you really want to share information, sometimes GIF is a better and more vivid way to demonstrate what you really want to say.

With a more engaging and lighter-weight format, a GIF is easier and faster to share through the Internet. It’s a perfect solution for product demos, animated instructions and etc. Plus, is the perfect compromise between static images and full-size videos.

However, while you may be familiar with screen captures or screen recordings on your Mac, most users aren’t familiar with the quickest way to make a GIF.

That’s where Gifox comes in handy. It’s a powerful tool that provides you with a very easy way to make GIFs, in a process no more difficult than taking a screenshot.

What is Gifox?

Gifox is a crafted menu bar application that records your screen, then saves the clip as a GIF and shares it. The app is perfect for creating mini demos, short video clips, or leisure content.

Plus, it gives you full control of GIF quality and offers a built-in sharing setting to make your work easier.

How Does Gifox Work?

After you installed the Gifox on your Mac, you can find a fox icon in your menu bar. With the simple and sleek interface, it’s really easy to record your screen with just a few clicks.

Here’s how:

Record Your Screen

After clicking the fox icon in the menu bar, you can find the buttons to record the screen on the left side of the interface.

Gifox provides two modes for recording the screen – area, and window. This means you can record part of the window or choose to record the full window.

For an area recording, Gifox allows you the freedom to select the area. You can select any area by dragging your mouse from corner to corner.

When using the window recording mode, one great feature is that it doesn’t matter if several windows are overlapping. You can just select the one you want to record, and Gifox will ignore the other window.

Gifox also offers shortcuts so that you don’t have to always open the icon from the menu bar. This makes it even easier to use as a daily utility.

Flexible Setting

Gifox is not only easy to use but also a very flexible application. Here are just some of the options that you can customize:

  • Mouse cursor appearance
  • Window shadow
  • Desktop background recording fps
  • Playback fps
  • Repeat count and pause
  • Max colors
  • Bayer scale

All of these are available in the Gifox settings window.

This feature really makes Gifox more powerful and allows you to tweak your GIF to perfection.


If you’re sharing a GIF to the internet, you’re going to like it to be in good quality but with the smallest file size possible. Gifox makes this possible.

Available in preferences, the compress settings allow you to have full control over the quality of the GIF. You can change the color count, the palette, the dither, and the bayer scale. This eliminates the need to install a second program just for compressing your file.


The GIFs you create are easy to save and share to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Imgur using the built-in sharing integration.

After you connect your account, you can directly save your recordings in these three places with one click. It’s super easy!

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, Gifox is only available for the Mac. You can download it from the Gifox website, and the Mac App Store.

You can also try the free version with limited functions and see how it works for you. The full features can be unlocked with a one-time fee of $4.99.

Gifox is also available in Setapp, which requires a $9.99/month subscription. However, you can try Setapp for free for 7 days, plus gain access to other hundreds of applications for your Mac.

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Is Gifox Worth It?

Gifox is a great choice when you need to make GIFs. It’s super easy to use and gives the user full control over the files that are created. For many users, it’s absolutely worth the cost of $4.99.

Especially if you want to showcase animated or interactive items, this tool is very useful and reliable. It’s easier than making a video and will probably save you a lot of time. Plus, it has a great design and sleek interface.

Wrapping Up

With Gifox, GIFs are not hard to make anymore. It’s a super useful and powerful tool. Whether you need to record the full screen or only part of it, Gifox is a reliable application and gives you full control of the quality. If a picture tells thousands of words, a GIF tells a million.

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