PhotoBulk Review: A Simple Powerful Batch Photo Editor For Mac

PhotoBulk app running on macOS Mojave

If you want to resize 20 photos, perhaps you will use ImageResize.

If you want to compress 50 photos, perhaps you will use TinyPNG or Shortpixl.

If you want to convert 80 PNG to JPG, perhaps you will use PNG2JPG.

If you want to rename 100 photos, perhaps you will learn how to use Finder in macOS.

If you have to delete metadata for 150 photos, you might have no idea how to do it.

If you want to watermark 200 photos, perhaps you will download software like Lightroom to do that.

Imagine: what if you need to do all those edits to 500 photos? How long will it take? How many times you have to click? Without doubts, it’s going to be super time-consuming and tedious.

But don’t worry, PhotoBulk is a time-saver! It’s a powerful tool that integrates all those six features into one. The amazing part? In just a few clicks, all your 500 photos will be processed at once and ready to go.

Sounds incredible? Let’s dive in, I’ll show you more details.

What Is PhotoBulk?

As its name indicates, PhotoBulk is a bulk photo editor. It’s not just another photo software, but a powerful tool that allows you to watermark, resize, compress, rename, and convert your images in a batch. Especially when you dealing with dozens even hundreds of photos, it helps reduce the tedious manual work.

Here’s how the app looks when you installed it on your Mac. The main interface is super simple and clean.

How Does PhotoBulk Works?

Note: unlike Photoshop, PhotoBulk isn’t a professional image editing tool that you can use to adjust the elements of a photo like color, exposure, etc. Instead, PhotoBulk is specialized at photo management and editing. The core value proposition of this app is convenience and saving you time doing repetitive work.

See the main interface? The left side allows you to choose the functions you need, for example, watermark, resize, optimize, format, metadata, and rename. This is the part that I particularly love! Simple interface, plus easy control, enables me to focus on what’s necessary at one time.

Note that the setting of PhotoBulk is for bulk, meaning all your imported photos will be edited applying the same setting.

Add Watermark

Watermarking is a powerful feature of PhotoBulk. Watermarking doesn’t have to be limited in text, and it applies to images, timestamp, and script too. You have several options to choose from depending on which styles you like.

What’s more, you can even apply all of them in one photo. Like this:

This is quite an awesome feature, though one thing that bothered me was while editing, the photos were not in the same size, and the effect of text and image watermarks looked slightly different. You can compare the screenshot below with the one above, and it’s not hard to find that the watermark is smaller in the screenshot below.

Don’t blame PhotoBulk though, I’d suggest that if your photos are with different sizes (very likely), try to group your photos first and then watermark those photos of the same or similar sizes. This helps make sure all of your photos will have great effects.

Resize Photos

When you need to resize 3 or 5 photos, you might resize them one by one as it doesn’t need much work. But if you have 100 photos needed to be set as one same size, editing them one by one isn’t practical. That’s why you’ll love the bulk resizing feature in PhotoBulk, which is absolutely time-saving.

Click “Resize” from the left panel, and you can see the size of an image can be changed in different ways, by width or height, percentage, max size, etc.

If you want all your imported photos to be with 300px in width, simply choose “by width” and enter “300”. Through the Preview mode of the app, you can preview the effects of your images and then by clicking the blue “Start” button, all of your images will be resized automatically.

And PhotoBulk will save them to a new folder. It’s incredibly fast and easy!

Optimize Photos

The optimizing feature in PhotoBulk means compressing the photos to reduce the file size. There are three options: Min, Opt, and Max, which represent different quality and file size. You can decide which one you should go for different purposes, e.g. is clarity is more important or the file size?

If you are preparing a bunch of photos for your website, which one you should go for? In one hand, you want to keep the photos as clear as possible; On the other hand, you want the file size as small as possible so your webpage can load faster (site speed matters a lot these days). In this case, I think “Opt” is the best choice.

A side note: all the images in this post were actually optimized via PhotoBulk before uploading. 🙂

Convert Photos

If you want to convert the format of your photos or images, Photobulk also provides an easy way to do so. And the app supports several different formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. With just one click, the format you need will be ready almost instantly.

Edit Metadata

If you are a professional photographer, you may want to edit the metadata of your images. With PhotoBulk, you can choose which information (GPS data, camera info, etc.) you want to keep in your photos. This is extremely convenient if you need to edit metadata for multiple photos.

Rename Photos

Renaming photos is super easy as well. Just enter the file name and in just several clicks, the photos will be organized in names you exactly want. You can also customize the file name by adding numbers, and set them as “Suffix” or “Prefix” of the file name. If you don’t set the beginning number, it will start from 0000 by default.

Price & Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, PhotoBulk was only available for macOS (but the Windows version seems to be just released). You can get it on Mac App Store here ($9.99) for a one-time fee, or go for a subscription on Setapp that has a free 7-day trial and then $9.99 per month.

>> Get PhotoBulk via Setapp (Free Download) <<

Is PhotoBulk Worth It?

We all hate repetitive work, don’t we? If you have scores or hundreds of photos that need to be resized, watermarked, renamed or converted, you don’t want to do that manually. That’s where PhotoBulk adds value. The app saves you time and makes you more productive.

As an amateur photographer, I usually use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos but when it comes to resizing, renaming, or watermarking multiple images, I always will use PhotoBulk it’s super light, fast and easy.

The paid version is quite affordable (10 bucks only), it’s totally worth it. Plus, if you get the app from Setapp, it’s almost free.

Wrapping Up

PhotoBulk is a great photo editor and manager. It makes bulk photo editing an easy and pleasant experience. The app is very powerful and extremely easy to use. I highly recommend it to those of you who often deal with many photos for similar operations like resizing, watermarking, etc.

The only con is the app is currently only available for macOS users, if you are on a Windows PC you won’t be able to use the program. Hopefully, the Windows version is already on the agenda of the Eltima team, we’ll see.

Update: the Windows version is now also available.

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