Canary Mail Review: The Most Secure Email App for Mac

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Email remains to be the best and preferred way for businesses to communicate. We all have more than one email account and the accounts could come from different providers.

You may be using one account for work, another for the personal. Logging and switching between different accounts can be a bit time-consuming. That’s why you need a mail app that helps you manage different email accounts in one place, in a secure way.

Enter Canary Mail — a secure email app that allows you to switch between different emails hassle-free.

What Is Canary Mail?

Canary Mail is a beautiful and secure email app that aims to help you be more organized with emails and better manage all your files, events, and tasks in one place. There are many great features in the app such as encryption, smart filters, read notification, templates, one-click unsubscribe, etc. Besides, the app is compatible with multiple email providers.

How Does Canary Mail Work?

The moment you download and install the app, you’ll feel this app is different and it’s beautiful. The interface is very clean and sleek. It provides light and dark themes.

1. Layout

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Once you add your email accounts to it, you are able to see all your emails in Canary Mail right away. The left panel is about your account, folders, theme, and sidebar options. The middle panel is the main area of your email box, where you can see all info about your emails. One the top, there are some options about search, activity stream, filters, compose. In the right panel, you can read more details of your emails.

2. Secure Your Email With Encryption

Security is the unique value Canary Mail tries to deliver. They build end-to-end encryption in the app. Your email will be encrypted in your end and decrypted by the receiver. So only you and the receiver who use Canary can read the encrypted emails.

When you set up the app, it will ask you the ways you prefer for the encryption.

Canary Mail 4

In the Auto model, make sure you have iCloud Drive and iCloud Keychain enabled.

Canary Mail 6

My choice is the second one, Manual setup. If you don’t have existing PGP keys, how to get it?

As there are open PGP keys you can find from the Internet. So you can follow these steps as I did:

  1. Search “open GPG key
  2. Find “GPG Suite” and click it.
  3. Download it and then you can generate the key for your email address.
  4. After you get the key, export your key and import the key to Canary Mail.

3. Find Your Email Smartly

On top of the interface, you can see two options, “All” and “Focused”. Canary Mail can learn your emails and select the important ones to show. Also, smart search and filters are enhanced to help you find desired emails faster.

Canary Mail 8

By searching keywords and file types, I found my wanted emails faster. Especially the filters: Unread, unanswered, has attachments, starred and different categories from Gmail, they are super useful.

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4. Extra Features

If you are a marketer and salesperson, you are probably curious whether the receiver opens or reads their emails. Canary Mail team has this notification feature that when your emails are read by the receiver, you are able to get the notification, and this feature is free!

For me, I have a lot of emails from subscriptions. Usually, when we unsubscribe, there are several steps to do. But in Canary, you can unsubscribe with only one-click and then it will bring you to the unsubscribe page. Check the image below.

Canary Mail 7

Another useful feature is Templates. Canary Mail allows you to build your own templates and use them when you write the email.

Canary Mail 1

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, Canary Mail is only available for macOS and iOS.

The cost per Mac license is $19.9, and the iOS version is $9.9. You can download it from the App Store. Unfortunately, there’s no trial version from their website.

If you are unsure whether this app is worth it or not and want to try it first, Setapp can be your other option. It has a free 7-day free trial and then $9.99 per month. You can access all the apps for free and Canary Mail is one of them.

>> Get Canary Mail on Setapp <<

Is Canary Mail Worth it?

If you are sensitive with email content and personal info, or if you are paying the read notification from the third-party service, and you use different email accounts, Canary Mail is a great choice. $20 is not the cheapest mail app but considering the value you can get from this app, it’s totally worth it. For me, I love Canary Mail and I’ll keep using it on my Mac.

Wrapping Up

Canary Mail is a powerful email client built with security in mind. It protects your emails with encryption. It helps you find out emails faster. It notifies you when your receivers read your email. There’s no pain to switch among different email accounts. I recommend it!

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