Mosaic App Review: Resize & Organize Windows on Mac

Its infinitely annoying when you’re working on multiple tasks at the same time and all the windows overlap each other, and can definitely drive a person up to the wall with all the switching between different programs.

Everyone wishes their computer desktop was a little bit more organized and a little bit less of a free for all for space. Mosaic is a powerful tool that can make it happen.

What Is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a window management solution for Mac. It enables you to easily organize and resize the window of applications.

By drag and drop, you will get rid of the overlapping windows and go to the organized and clean desktop. It can truly robust your productivity when you work on multiple tasks.

How Does Mosaic Work?

After you install Mosaic, anytime you grab a window Mosaic works behind the scenes. It prompts some layout options for your desktop, like this:

Each icon represents one layout, all you have to do is drop the window to the layout you want.

Reposition & Resize Windows

Mosaic provides lots of different layouts. All the windows running on your Mac can be repositioned and resized to fit these layouts and allow you to multitask without switching back and forth.

In the settings, you can create your own layouts by partitioning a grid that represents your screen or editing existing layouts.

In the positioning setting, you can set where you want the layout prompt to appear- top to bottom by the row, or from the left to right by column. This means after you set layouts up, when you drag the windows, you can see the layout windows come out at the place you set up beforehand.

So as in the screenshot below, you choose to put a window on the left half side by just dragging it onto the icon for the layout you want (blue).

Mosaic includes additional functions such as a screen capture feature. If you have any windows want to screenshot, you can just drop to the capture option on it and a photo will be saved to your desktop.

Multi-Display Support

If you have multiple displays connected to your Mac, Mosaic has you covered. There’s no additional setup for the different displays, though if you want to you can set up separate layouts and a separate layout panel only for your external display.

Otherwise, when dragging windows in the second display the layout panel will show up automatically on that screen, and switch back to windows on the original screen. This brings true convenience and lets you spend less time managing your windows.

Remote Control For iOS

Mosaic also allows you to remotely control your Mac from your phone. You can download the iOS app from App Store here. It is a companion app and you can apply a layout to the active window simply by tapping the layout on the iOS device.

This requires your Mac and iOS device to be connected to the same network and is a feature restricted to “Pro” users who have paid extra.

Price And Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, Mosaic is only available for Mac. You can get Mosaic from its official website for free. After 7 days, you have to pay to use it. It has two versions, Standard and Pro. The one-time cost for the Standard version is $9.99 and $24. 99 for Pro.

With the Pro version, you can access all features. For details about the difference, you can check it out here. If you want, you can start with the Standard version and upgrade to Pro later. Choose the one fit you the most based on your needs.

Mosaic is also available in Setapp. Setapp is a subscription app that allows you to access hundreds of great Mac apps for $9.99 per month. You can use Mosaic for free if you subscribe to it.

Is Mosaic Worth It?

Imagine yourself searching for information to write your report, and at the same time, opening tons of documents to analyze. Or maybe, you need to watch a video and write about it at the same time.

Or, you have reference material for your project that you have to continuously check on. You will find yourself needing to switch to other windows or jump between them. It’s very annoying.

If you want to get rid of the window mess, use Mosaic to manage your windows. It’s worth the cost to simplify your workflow, and as it has two different versions with different prices you can pick the one that’s best for you.

If you just need the drag and drop to the layout Mosaic has set up, you can go to the Standard version. If you need more advanced features, go for the Pro version.

>> Get Mosaic on Setapp <<

Wrapping Up

Mosaic is a powerful and beautiful tool that organizes windows well. With just a simple drag and drop, your windows will be magically arranged across your desktop.

It can streamline your workflow and improve productivity. With it, you will have less pain when handling multiple tasks at the same time. It’s a sleek app that significantly improves your Mac experience.

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