Best SSD for MacBook Pro 2012

Samsung EVO 860 vs Crucial MX500

A list of the best SSD drives for MacBook Pro 2012 and step-by-step instructions on how to replace the internal HDD with a new SSD.

Best Laptops for Teens in 2021

laptop for teen

A laptop to them is a multipurpose machine they use to do their school work, play games, research, and do many other things.

Best Monitors for AutoCAD

CAD monitor

If you are a budding architect or engineer and are looking to upgrade your computer setup, buying a new monitor is a great way to improve your workflow.

Best SD Card for Dash Cam in 2021

sd card dash cam

Getting a good SD card is almost becoming a “Mission Impossible,” regardless of the brand because there are so many counterfeit versions on the market.

Best Tablet for Reading PDF

tablet for reading PDF

When it comes to reading important files in PDF form, a quality tablet can make the experience easy and enjoyable.

Best 4k TV Under $1000

4k tv

If you want a strong television that will look great for both media and games, you can’t go wrong with what we’ve outlined here.

Best Projector Under $500

Projectors Under $500

Using a projector to watch your favorite shows and movies is a great way to turn your home into a theater.

Best Laptop WiFi Card

Best Laptop WiFi Card

If you want to keep up with the recent advances in WiFi technology, you need a WiFi card that’s built to expand with your machine.