5 Best Ways to Carry an iPhone While Running

There are many different ways to carry an iPhone while running, and the best option for you comes down to your personal preferences. You can use a sleeve, pocket, or even hold it in your hands. 

This post will spotlight some of the best ways to carry an iPhone while running. I’ll break down all these to help you figure out which way might be best for you. I’ll also provide you with some relevant and important information. 

Let’s get moving. 

Key Takeaways

  • There is no single best way to carry an iPhone while running, and each runner will have personal preferences. 
  • Using a sleeve to carry an iPhone is a good option that will keep the phone in place while you run. 
  • Some clothing has dedicated pockets to help you carry an iPhone while you run. These can be convenient and work really well. 
  • Some runners like to simply hold their phones in their hands while they run, so they have access to it if needed. 

Best Ways to Carry an iPhone While Running

Here is a quick look at some of the best ways to carry an iPhone while you run. If you are just getting into running for the first time or have never brought an iPhone along, you might want to try out all of these to see which you prefer. 

People like to run with iPhones for a variety of reasons, including listening to music, tracking mileage, and having access to messaging. But you don’t need to run with a phone at all if you don’t want to. 

1. Running Shorts with a Dedicated Phone Pocket

I’ll start the list with a personal favorite way to carry an iPhone while running – in a dedicated pocket on your running shorts. This is a very convenient way because you don’t need to purchase any extra equipment. 

Many running brands design a specialized pocket into their shorts because they know how many people like to run with their phones. So you can buy a lot of different options that come with this feature. 

I like two-layer running shorts with a tighter inner layer that snugs against your thighs and a looser outer layer. The cell phone pocket is built into the inner layer and sits snuggly on your thighs as you run around. 

I like this design because the phone won’t move around at all, even when you are running hard or on uneven ground. You can also easily access it when or if you need to. I can’t even tell if the phone is there when I have it in my pocket. 

Some shorts might have a back or belt pocket to carry the iPhone. This is also a convenient way to carry your iPhone during your run, but I think it’s much more noticeable than the thigh pocket style. 

Shorts aren’t the only article of clothing that comes with a built-in phone pocket. I’ve seen shirts, sports bras, and other items that also do the trick. You can choose any of these that you prefer to help you carry your phone comfortably. 

2. An Armband or Legband

If you don’t want to use an existing pocket in an article of clothing, you can also use an armband or leg band to carry your iPhone. These products are relatively affordable and offer another easy way to take your phone with you on the move. 

An armband typically wraps around the bicep area of your arm. You’ll slide your iPhone into the sleeve and then fasten the band around your arm. These are usually made of stretchy material with a velcro fastening system. 

Legbands are essentially the same thing but designed to fit onto your leg rather than your arm. I don’t think these are as good as armbands, but some people prefer their phones on their legs rather than arms. 

Some armbands can slip down your arm as you are running. This can be caused by sweat from your body or because the band gets loose with all the movement. You might need to resecure it from time to time. 

3. In a Backpack or Hydration Pack

If you like running with a hydration pack on, it’s really easy to slip your iPhone into the bag to carry it when you run. Even if you don’t usually run with a backpack, it’s worth considering if you don’t like the idea of having it in an armband or pocket. 

Running with a backpack can take some getting used to. But there are many low-profile bags now available that help limit bouncing around or the chance of chaffing and other issues that might appear when running. 

It’s a good idea to secure your iPhone in a smaller pocket of the backpack. This will prevent it from bouncing all over the place when you run. But you don’t need to use another case or carrier if you throw it in your backpack. 

4. Carry the iPhone in Your Hands

The simplest way to carry your iPhone while running is in your hands. I know a lot of serious runners who do this, and it seems to work very well for them. I prefer having a pocket, but there’s nothing wrong with carrying your phone with your hands. 

The biggest advantage of doing this is that you have easy access to your phone. If you need to make calls, check on a map, or do other things while you run, having easy access can be a big deal. 

But there’s also an increased risk of dropping the phone while you are running. Nothing is in place to prevent the phone from flying out of your hands if you slip, jump, or bounce over uneven terrain. 

Still, this is a commonly used method for runners. It’s easy and free, which are both great reasons to consider doing it. 

5. Get Creative

There is no wrong way to carry an iPhone while running, and you might want to get creative to find the best solution for you. You can create your own holder or pocket using household items or even put your phone on your head under a hat. 

I once used an old athletic armband to create a DIY iPhone holder. I did this because I couldn’t find the armband I had at the time. It ended up working better than the armband, and I used the sleeve for years until it wore out. 

You might be able to simply tuck the iPhone under a tight-fitting article of clothing like a sports bra or athletic underwear. There’s a slight chance the phone might fall out, but if it works, you don’t need to spend money on another solution. 

I’ve seen friends use belts, scarves, and even rubber bands to create homemade armbands. These obviously aren’t quite as reliable as using a proper armband or pocket, but they can still work. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to carry an iPhone while you run, and there really isn’t one best or worst way to do it. Experiment with any of the options here to see which works best for you, or try something new and random to see if that meets your needs. 

There’s no need to overthink running with an iPhone, and sometimes simple is best. Before spending money on clothing or an armband, go on a run while holding your phone to see how you like it. 

Do you know of any ways to carry an iPhone while running that I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the comments below.

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