How Many Charges Can You Get From a 10000mah or 20000mah Power Bank?

A 10000mah power bank will charge a typical smartphone once or twice. A 20000mah smartphone can charge larger devices like a laptop or computer once or twice or charge a smartphone a few times. 

This post will explore how many charges you can get from a 10000mah and 20000mah power bank. I’ll give you a breakdown of what you can charge with each of these and provide some other relevant information. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • A 10000mah power bank is fine for smaller devices and can charge a smartphone one or two times on average. 
  • A 20000mah power bank can be used with larger devices and will charge a laptop or tablet one or two times. 
  • The number of charges you get from a power bank can vary based on which device you are charging and how big the power bank is. 

How Many Charges Can You Get From a 10000mah Power Bank? 

A 10000mah power bank is relatively small, and you won’t be able to get that many charges from it. But it can work well as a backup battery for a smartphone, and you can expect to get one or two charges from the power bank. 

Charging larger devices with this small of a power bank can be tricky, and you might not get a complete charge on a laptop. But you probably can charge up a tablet a single time, as long as it’s not entirely dead. 

If you are considering the lifelong charges that a power bank will provide, that number is more difficult to predict. The ultimate performance of your power bank depends on multiple factors, but you should expect thousands of chargers before it wears out. 

How Many Charges Can You Get From a 20000mah Power Bank? 

A 20000mah power bank is more of an average size and will give you decent charging capabilities. This is a good size to choose if you want to charge up larger devices like a laptop or tablet. 

This power bank should allow you to charge your laptop or tablet one or two times. And it should also give you about three charges for a smartphone. Larger laptops might only get a single charge, but the power bank will still be helpful. 

Like with any other power bank or battery-powered device, the lifetime charges you get out of a device depend on multiple factors. But a 20000mah power bank should give you thousands of charges, which is typically many years of use.  

Which is better 20000mah or 10000mah?

A 20000mah power bank gives you more charging power than a 10000mah power bank. But does that mean it’s a better option for everyone? Well, it depends on your needs and preferences for the device. 

If you are looking for the most charging power, a 20000mah power bank is the better option. You’ll get a reliable number of charges that can serve as a backup for larger devices like laptops and tablets. 

But if you don’t need to charge larger devices and just need a power bank for a smartphone, you might want to consider using a 10000mah power bank. This size will be more affordable while still giving you a few charges when you need it. 

Difference Between 10000mah and 20000mah Power Bank

The most significant difference between a 10000mah and 20000mah power bank is how much power they offer. A 20000mah power bank offers twice the charging capacity of a 10000mah, giving you more overall charges. 

But a 20000mah will almost always be more expensive than a 10000mah option. So if you are looking for a more affordable option, choose the smaller power bank and deal with fewer charges. 

A 10000mah power bank can also be smaller in size than a 20000mah one. This isn’t always the case, but if size is a concern, go with the smaller power bank. 

Is a 20000mah Power Bank Good? 

A 20000mah power bank is a good option for most people. This larger power bank allows you to charge nearly any type of device you want to charge without being too large to deal with. 

These can be more expensive than smaller power banks, but increasing the charging ability is worth it. 

How Many Times Can a 20000mah Power Bank Charge an Android phone? 

A 20000mah power bank should be able to charge an Android phone around three times. But the exact number of charges can vary from phone to phone, depending on how large of a battery it has and how power-hungry it is.

This size of a power bank is a good option to choose because it gives you the ability to charge larger devices in addition to a smartphone. It will also give you more charges overall than a smaller power bank. 

How Many Times Can a 20000mah Power Bank Charge an iPhone 13? 

A 20000mah power bank should be able to charge an iPhone 13 two or three times. This is a larger power bank that can effectively charge larger devices, so it should be able to juice up an iPhone 13 a few times easily. 

This power bank size should give any model iPhone you have at least a couple of charges. The total number depends on how depleted the battery is when you charge it and the overall battery size of the phone.

Choosing a High Capacity Power Bank: What to Consider?


The capacity of a power bank is measured in mAh (milliamp hours), and your iPhone has a 3000-4000 mAh battery on average. The larger the power bank capacity, the more times it can recharge your phone.

But don’t use simple division and expect an exact number of recharges. Since charging isn’t 100% efficient, you’ll want to leave yourself a little cushion in the mAh department when you pick a power bank.

Power Delivery

Cell phones support a variety of charging tactics these days, from wireless to quick charging and half a dozen things in between.

Make sure wired ports output power rated for at least 5.0V/2.0A, as any 1.0A charging ports are nearly useless due to how slow they will function with modern phones.

If you have a phone that supports quick charge, look for products that specifically support this, as while a higher amperage will have a similar same effect it isn’t the same tech.

And lastly, if you frequently use wireless charging or special cables, make sure the portable charger you want supports this!


Since a power bank is your backup battery, you’ll want it to be fairly portable and easily fit into bags or backpacks (unless you’re fine with just leaving the pack in your car for emergencies).

The bigger the capacity of your power bank, the more it will weigh and the larger it will be, but a lot of products work to minimize this effect and deliver a sleek product that’s ready to hit the road.

Additional Tips

A high-capacity power bank can save you in a pinch, but the best idea is to practice battery-conserving behavior on the regular.

Whether it’s your phone, tablet, or computer, there are several things you can do to maximize battery life before it reaches critical levels.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures, as batteries have an optimal working temperature, and moving outside of that reduces their efficiency. You can also damage the battery by exposing it to rough elements.
  • Have the latest software whenever possible, since developers are always optimizing their devices.
  • Don’t leave your phone to charge overnight, here’s why. And don’t use it while it’s charging either! Both of these are bad for many battery types.
  • Turn down your brightness, and stop opening the screen so much. The screen is the biggest battery drain — not the app itself.

If all else fails, you will have a backup from your power bank, but it doesn’t hurt to pitch in with these simple adjustments as well.

Final Thoughts

A 20000mah power bank will give you more charges for all your devices than a 10000mah one. If you want a reliable source of power on the move, a power bank is good to have around, and either of these sizes will charge your phone effectively. 

Do you use a power bank? How many charges do you get out of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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