Can I Use My Own Modem with AT&T Fiber?

While you can plug in your own router when going with AT&T Fiber, you do need to use their gateway device rather than a third-party modem.

I have spent years using different types of technology. My own experience with modems, as well as my knowledge of AT&T Fiber, enabled me to cover the different sections throughout this guide.

The below paragraphs take a deeper look at AT&T Fiber by analyzing what the service is, why so many people use it, as well as how it works with both routers and modems. 

Key Takeaways

  • AT&T only allows fiber to be used with their gateway, meaning customers cannot hook up their own modem to the service.
  • While restricting, using AT&T’s hardware comes with several bonuses, including easier maintenance, simple setup, and better upgrades.
  • Though you cannot use a modem with AT&T Fiber, plugging in your personal router is more than possible.

Using a Modem with AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber is one of the premier internet services on the current market. It’s extremely fast, reliable, and adds an extra dimension to any home service. However, as useful as it is from a user perspective, it does come with the drawback in that it’s not customizable.

That’s because, while there’s a lot you can do with Fiber, customers are not allowed to use their own modem with the service. Rather, the company only allows subscribers to use specially approved gateway device. 

That restriction comes with some noticeable drawbacks, including not being able to fully customize your at-home setup and being at the mercy of AT&T. Despite that, setup is easy, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, and the cost is included in your initial bill.

Even if you do find a workaround (which does exist) AT&T will still charge you a monthly fee regardless of what you use. In that regard, it’s typically better just to go with what you get when signing up for the service.

The Pros of Using an AT&T Modem

Many users may be turned off by having to use the AT&T gateway over their personal device, but there are several benefits to going with a suggested setup. The biggest is that, when using a company’s modem you always get extra peace of mind.

Where third-party items may not be covered by any policy, AT&T will have no issues helping you with their own devices. They will make repairs and upgrades easier too. That greatly cuts down on complications and smooths out the entire maintenance process.

That’s an especially big bonus for customers who don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy setting up their own internet. It’s also important for those who are intimidated by any type of DIY project or having to figure out which third-party device is best for their needs.

Using a Router with AT&T Fiber

While AT&T Fiber doesn’t support a third-party modem, the company allows you to connect and use your own router. That provides a decent amount of versatility and enables you to gain an extra level of customization you can’t get with their modems.

The router included in the AT&T Fiber gateway is serviceable, but it’s far from the best on the market. If you want something that gives you more speed or better reliability, there are many models you can pick that work with the service.

Checking the Fiber approved router list is important, but you also want to ensure that you get something that’s rated for at least your plan’s speed. For instance, if you have 1 Gbps plan, confirm your router works with that before making your purchase.

Going that route gives you an extra amount of privacy and control. It also creates speeds that match your plan, meaning everything will work much more smoothly and load much more quicker. Such aspects elevate both your equipment and network to the next level.

Connecting your own router to the service is easy too. First, disable your gateway’s built-in router, then pass through the IP to your new router. 

Next, connect an ethernet wire from the AT&T Gateway to your router’s WAN/Internet port. Once that’s done, power cycle both routers until they turn on and power on the gateway. Turn on your router, and check if the internet works.


This section analyzes some of the biggest questions surrounding AT&T Fiber.

Can I Buy a Modem Instead of Renting from AT&T?

It depends entirely on your internet setup. While some AT&T options don’t give you any choice, there are a few that do enable you to get your own equipment if you want. You cannot buy your own modem when using AT&T Fiber, however.

Does At&T Fiber Charge for a Modem?

Yes. Users are able to purchase a modem with the internet, but doing so comes at a cost of $75 for the modem only and $100 for the gateway. 

How Often Should You Replace Your AT&T Modem?

Though it’s always a good idea to replace your modem if you see any problems or last damage, it’s a good rule of thumb to switch out your modem roughly once every five or so years to ensure you don’t fall too far behind.

Final Words

AT&T Fiber internet is an incredibly reliable service that comes at the cost of having to use the company’s gateway. Still, you can plug in your own router if you want a little more control. Even if you don’t, the included equipment is more than serviceable and will give you great results.

Do you use or have AT&T Fiber? Have you tried it with a different router? How do you like the provided modem? Let us know in the comments below!

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