What Cell Towers Does Tracfone Use?

Tracfone uses all of the major carrier cell towers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, but primarily Verizon. This gives the company solid coverage all over the US and is ideal for users who want great coverage at an affordable price.

This post will explore which cell towers Tracfone uses. I’ll highlight each of the providers Tracfone uses to give you an idea of how the service works. I’ll also touch on some other important related information. 

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • Tracfone uses all of the major carrier cell towers in the US, including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. 
  • Tracfone doesn’t build or maintain these towers, which is part of its business model that helps keep prices lower. 
  • Tracfone can be a great option for users who want excellent coverage while paying a discounted price. 

What Cell Towers Does Tracfone Use? 

Even though Tracfone doesn’t build or maintain its own cell towers, it still provides users of its service with solid coverage. How is this possible? Well, the company uses the towers of other providers instead, eliminating the need for its own. 

Tracfone uses the cell towers of the major cell providers in the US. These include Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. This allows the company to use nearly all of the cell towers in the country for excellent coverage. 

This business model has given Tracfone a unique spot in the cellular business. It is popular with anyone looking for a very affordable plan they can use just about anywhere. It’s worth exploring if you have never heard of it before. 

Most Tracfones use one of the major cell phone carriers. So depending on which service your phone comes equipped with, that’s the coverage you are likely to see in the US. This coverage is dictated by the SIM card installed on your phone.

Tracfone Coverage Map

You can check the coverage of your Tracfone phone by looking at this coverage map provided by the company. You just need to enter your ZIP code, and then it will show you the coverage in that area of the country. 

Keep in mind that Tracfone uses the cell towers of other carriers and doesn’t build or maintain its own. This means that you are likely to get coverage from one of the other carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile. 

If you know what carrier your Tracfone phone is set up with, you can check the coverage map with this carrier rather than going through the Tracfone map linked above. 

Is Tracfone Being Discontinued? 

Tracfone is not currently being discontinued. You can still sign up for a new Tracfone plan, and the company also sets up users with new phones. This might change in the future, but Tracfone is still around for now. 

There are always rumors swirling around about if the brand might get discontinued. A more likely situation is that one of the major carriers purchases the brand and either works it into its existing customer base or ends it. 

If you are currently a Tracfone user, you don’t need to worry about it being discontinued. Your plan will continue to work, and you can enjoy the service’s lower prices and good coverage. 

Tracfone Service Area Problems

Some users have reported service area problems when using Tracfone. But this happens with every major cell provider, so it really isn’t much to worry about. Since Tracfone uses the towers of other providers, this problem makes sense. 

There can always be service issues, regardless of which cellular network you choose. Sometimes coverage goes down, or repairs need to happen, affecting the network and people’s ability to use it. 

Typically, these problems are fixed quickly. There isn’t much you can do about service area problems if you encounter them, so the best advice is just to hang tight and hope that everything gets resolved quickly.  

How to Choose the Best Tracfone Smartphone?


If you plan on having a rich media experience, it’s best to go for a phone that has a 5.5 to 6-inch or QHD display. Plus, you can carry these models easily in your purse or pocket.

Battery Life

If you love playing games, video-streaming apps, and opening multiple apps simultaneously—you need to buy a smartphone with a long battery life—since your activities will drain the battery of your phone faster.


These days, we have a lot of smartphone processors ranging from MediaTek, quadcore, Snapdragon, octa-core, etc. Thus, the rule here is to look out for the processing speed expresses in GHz. So. If you go for higher speed, the processor will be faster,

Operating System

Presently, you can only choose between two operating systems: iOS or Android. The iOS is ideal if your goal is to go for an iPhone that offers ease of use, timely software updates, and the hottest apps. But if you prefer more affordable options with more hardware choices—Android is a better choice.


The RAM of the phone helps to determine the speed. While the ROM gives you an idea of your gadget’s storage capacity. So, if you opt for phones with a higher RAM, your phone will be quite fast. We recommend 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM for an average user.

A heavy user can go for at least 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM. If that isn’t enough for you, then you can extend your ROM with the help of a micro SD memory card.


If you’re a user that’s keen about the quality of your pictures, you have to consider the megapixel of your phone camera before you buy one.

However, you have to note that a higher megapixel doesn’t guarantee better images—because other factors like the speed of autofocus, ISO levels, and aperture contribute to quality photos. Thus, a phone with 8-12 MP alongside an F/2.2 aperture should do a good job.

What’s the Best Tracfone Smartphone?

Here are some of our top recommendations, along with a quick review of each option so you understand its pros and cons.

1. Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna

The manufacturers launched this model in 2007, but they decided to update the model to give it a better user-friendly experience. The device has a five-inch screen that you can easily see. It comes with a resolution of 1280x720p—which is impressive for watching videos and taking pictures.

When it comes to performance, the Galaxy J3 Tuna has a 1.5GB RAM and 1.4HZ quad-core that provides you with the resources that you need to have a great user experience. The phone can easily handle multitasking because it uses an Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The device also provides fast browsing speeds and an Adreno 306 GPU—that boosts your video streaming and gaming experience. The storage of this device is remarkable with 16GB of space—which means that after the phone uses about 5GB for the OS on the device, you have still enough space for the files and multimedia you need to store.

If you love selfies or group pictures, this device has got you covered with its 4X zoom, creative filters, and flash that bring life to the images. The front camera is a two-megapixel design—which isn’t so fantastic, but the back has a five-megapixel design. With a frame rate of 30FPS—you can rest assured that the video quality will be excellent.

The device uses a 2600mAh battery that offers you a bit of life on a single charge. If you only make calls, the phone can last for about 24 hours, but if you use heavy-stream applications, the device can go for over six hours.

2. Tracfone LG Fiesta

The LG Fiesta stands out in its way with an impressive display, sharp rear shooter, and compatibility with the 4G LTE networks. It has an IPS screen that indicates that the colors are vivid.

Thus, it’s easy to see the screen from different angles. If you’re a big fan of a larger screen display, its 5.5-inch screen should impress you.

With a clock speed of 1.4GHz and a reliable processor with quad-core functionality—this model offers a versatile level of performance. You can enjoy a stutter-free experience while you record videos and play some relatively high-quality games on the Fiesta 2.

The device has a rear and front camera that is 13MP and 5MP respectively—with a face detection mode and flash that helps enhance the quality of images you take. The model uses a non-removable 4500mAh battery that can last for over 10 hours, depending on your activities.

3. Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky

The J7 Sky is yet another model on this list with a 5.5-inch display that allows you to read articles with ease and stream videos. With a resolution of 720×1280, the screen images are bright and vibrant always.

Multitasking with this model is quite smooth since it has 2GB of RAM and 1.4GHz processor that will keep your applications running smooth. Plus, it comes with an Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow that makes it reliable and responsive.

The J7 sky comes with an internal memory space of 16GB—which is enough to store your files after the OS and pre-installed applications take about half of it. But, if you need more space, you can use a microSD card.

With the front camera that creates 5MP images—you can fit more friends into your selfie while the back camera takes 8MP photos—which is decent for its price. The model uses a 3300mAh battery that can last for some time. But, if you’re a heavy user, the battery will fade quickly.


Here are a few short answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to what cell towers Tracfone uses. 

Does Tracfone run off Verizon towers? 

Tracfone does use Verizon towers while also using other towers from the major cell carrier companies like T-Mobile and AT&T. This gives Tracfone users the ability to get coverage just about anywhere in the US. 

How can I tell what carrier Tracfone is using?

The process for figuring out what carrier Tracfone uses isn’t that simple. You need to look at the SIM card in your phone, which will direct you to what provider the phone is connected to. This is typically Verizon but it can be the other major carriers as well. 

Does Tracfone have their own towers? 

Tracfone does not have its own towers and instead uses the cell towers of the other major cellular carriers. This is part of Tracfone’s business model and allows them to keep prices down by not building or maintaining towers.

Does Tracfone still use AT&T towers? 

Tracfone primarily uses Verizon towers today. While the company still uses AT&T and T-Mobile towers sometimes, the most common coverage is with Verizon towers. The SIM card dictates the coverage in the Tracfone phone you use.   

Final Thoughts

Tracfone mainly uses Verizon cell towers these days, but it can still use the towers of the other major providers as well. The company doesn’t have its own towers, so it must use others to provide service for its customers. 

By doing this, Tracfone offers good discounts on cell coverage, making them popular with anyone looking for an affordable solution to using a cell phone. And even though it’s cheaper, the service is still highly effective. 

Have you ever used Tracfone? What did you think about the service? Let me know in the comments below.

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