Are Laser Pointers Good for Presentations?

Laser pointers can be good for presentations but can also be unnecessary or distracting. It depends on how and why the laser pointer is used. It also depends on the presentation and how the pointer is integrated into it

This post will examine if laser pointers are good for presentations. I’ll give you some pros and cons of using laser pointers to help you determine if using one is the best for your situation. The goal is to help you make the best presentation possible. 

Let’s get rolling. 

Key Takeaways

  • Laser pointers can help you highlight some aspects of a presentation while keeping an audience focused on key information. 
  • Laser pointers can also potentially be a distraction during a presentation, especially when used ineffectively or unnecessarily. 
  • Whether or not a laser pointer is good for a presentation depends on how the pointer is used and what type of presentation it is. 

Are Laser Pointers Good for Presentations? Pros and Cons

A laser pointer can be a good option for a presentation, but it also can be distracting. It really depends on the presentation and how the pointer is used. Check out some of the initial pros and cons of using one below, and then we’ll explore these in depth. 

Can help spotlight important information or sectionsPoint might be too small to see clearly 
Gives you more control over the focus of the audienceCan potentially distract the audience if not used in a precise way
Can help with flow and pace of presentationMight not be effective if you don’t have experience using a pointer
Can help clarify slides with lots of information Can be difficult to see for any color blind audience members
Good tool to help with questions and answersUsing one can cause reflections and other light artifacts, posing another distraction

As you can see by looking at this table, there are some reasons you might want to use a laser pointer for a presentation and some reasons why you might not want to use one. It really depends on the situation and the presentation. 

If you have never used a laser pointer before, consider practicing your presentation while using one before doing it for an audience. If you aren’t precise and consistent when using one, it’s not really effective at adding anything to the presentation. 

One of the most significant advantages of using a laser pointer is that it can help you highlight and bring the focus on important aspects of the presentation. You can point directly at a bullet or word to help bring the focus to this. 

This increase in focus from the audience will lead to better engagement. The pointer can help people pick up on everything you want them to learn from the presentation better than just looking at the slides without a pointer. 

You can also use the laser pointer to assist with the flow and pace of your presentation. This is another tactic that can boost engagement and retention, ultimately resulting in a much more effective presentation. 

A laser pointer can be used to keep the attention when there is a lot of information on a slide. Rather than bombarding your audience with too much information, the pointer can point out specific sections they should pay attention to. 

The pointer is also a reliable tool to use during any question-and-answer portion of a presentation. You can use it to reiterate a key point or answer questions by reference material on a slide without confusing people. 

On the other side, there are also a few cons to using a laser pointer during a presentation. If the laser pointer has a really small point, it can be challenging for the audience to see, making it ineffective. 

A pointer can also be more of a distraction than a focus. If you aren’t precise with how you use the pointer and it bounces all over the screen or wall, it won’t assist with your presentation and will take away from it. 

And if it’s your first time using a laser pointer, you probably won’t be that effective with it in your hand. As I mentioned earlier, you should always practice before using a pointer so you can use it effectively. 

Another less common but still good to know about disadvantage is that a laser pointer might not work if you have any color-blind people in the audience. You might want to clarify things using a different tool because of this. 

And if your presentation occurs in a room with many windows or other reflective surfaces, you might have issues with the laser bouncing around and being a distraction. Reflections and other light artifacts can be an issue. 

Should I Use a Laser Pointer for a Presentation?

If you think there are more pros than cons to using one, then your presentation will likely benefit from the assistance of a laser pointer. They can be an effective tool for many people when they are used correctly. 

If you think there are more cons than pros to using a laser pointer, you probably shouldn’t use one for a presentation. You don’t want the pointer to be a distraction, which is possible if you don’t know what you are doing.

How to Choose the Best Presentation Pointer?

Here are a few things that you should consider:


Everyone knows you don’t shine a laser in someone’s eye, but thankfully this isn’t actually as drastic as it’s made out to be if you’re using a cheap red laser.

However, red lasers are on the much lower end of the power spectrum. They won’t have the same range of other colors such as green, but they are much safer.

On the other hand, if you tend to present from a distance such as at a convention, definitely look for something more powerful that will have the range you need. Laser power is measured in mW, but remember that most lasers will be adequate for a simple room setting regardless.

Beam Color

Although red is a classic, laser pointers these days are also readily available in green, violet, and blue (to name some of the most common). If you want to keep it classic red is a great bet, but it doesn’t offer the same power of some of the newer colors.

On the other hand, green lasers are the most visible and can have powerful beams that allow you to point far into the night sky, but can be very dangerous – and don’t go pointing it at any airplanes, because that’s a felony and they will track you down.

Additional Features

Many commercial laser pointers come with lens that can be fitted over the beam that can diffract the light into curious patterns such as a grid of dots or special shapes.

While this feature may not be particularly useful to you, a more useful accessory would be laser pointers that come with built-in presentation buttons. This lets your laser serve more than one purpose, and can also be extremely useful for advancing your slides.

What’s the Best Laser Pointer for Presentation?

Here is a list of our top recommendations, along with a quick review of each option so you understand its pros and cons.

1. Restar Laser Pointer Wireless Laser Presenter

With its sleek design and easy grip, this laser from Restar has a range of up to 100 meters on a single AAA battery, and even comes with built-in buttons for advancing your presentation slides. It has plug-and-play functionality and supports almost every operating system, and weighs less than an ounce.


  • Classic red beam is visible without being dangerous.
  • The additional buttons for advancing slides bring an extra degree of functionality, and the slim rod design is easy to hold or pack into a bag when not in use.


  • Uses a switch rather than a button, which can be annoying if you only need it for brief periods at a time.

2. Restar LP0005 RF 2.4GHz Laser Presenter Remote

Looking primarily for a presentation remote but want to make sure the laser feature is up to par? This popular remote from Restar offers an ergonomic grip and textured buttons that make it easy to hold and control, while also offering a strong red laser. It puts all your presentation needs into a single remote.


  • Remote has a range of about 39 feet and is ready to work as soon as you plug it in.
  • The laser feature has a range of about 100 meters and is a very bright red color.
  • Weighs 2 ounces in total.


  • If attempting to use the presentation remote near any wifi modem/router, you may experience interference and need to move for it to work effectively due to both devices operate on the same frequency band.

3. Doosl Upgraded Remote Laser Pointer Presentation Green

Not satisfied with red? This green laser from Doosl takes things up a notch with a sleek, professional, and powerful product. The slide-advancing remote aspect has an outstanding 330 feet range, and the laser can match if not exceed this. The green is very bright and vibrant, making it easy to see on your slides.


  • Green color of the laser can be easier to see against some slides than red is, it’s also more powerful and offers a brighter beam.
  • The remote is made of frosted metal for a professional look and feel.


  • Carries a higher safety risk than a red laser and should never be pointed near anyone’s eyes or at aircraft.

Additional Tips

What if your laser pointer is going to get here in time? Don’t worry – PowerPoint has a built-in solution.

You can activate an onscreen laser from the computer you’re presenting from very easily, and the dot will be even easier to control than it is with a handheld device. You can also customize the color, size, and other features.

For instructions on how to set this up, check out this great tutorial from Microsoft or watch this YouTube video:

Happen to have your phone on hand too? You can turn your phone into a virtual remote for your presentation if you’re using Google Slides by projecting your presentation with Chromecast and then advancing your slides.

Alternatively, you can use a chrome extension such as Remote For Slides in order to get a similar effect. If you’re using Apple’s presentation software Keynote, there is a built-in remote that you can learn how to use in this support article.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors to remember when deciding whether a laser pointer is good for a presentation. Keep all of the information shown above in mind to help you determine if a laser pointer is good for your presentation. 

Have you ever used a laser pointer for a presentation? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below. 

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