Are Dual Monitors Worth It for Gaming?

Dual monitors can be worth it for gaming if you want an extended display for any reason. Multiple monitors are commonly used by streamers who want to play a game on one monitor and handle streaming features on another. 

This post will explore if dual monitors are worth it for gaming. I’ll explain why you might want to use dual monitors and in what situations this is commonly done. I’ll also give you some pros and cons of using multiple displays. 

Let’s get after it.

Key Takeaways

  • Dual monitors can be worth it for gaming in some situations, but this is not a requirement or need for every gamer. 
  • Dual monitors are often used by streaming gamers who want to have the game on one display and the streaming features on another. 
  • If you want an extended display to have a more comprehensive gameplay experience, dual monitors can help achieve that. 
  • The average gamer probably doesn’t need two monitors. 

Are Dual Monitors Worth It for Gaming? 

Using dual monitors for gaming can be worth it for some people and not worth it for others. It depends on what type of gaming experience you are looking for or the circumstances involved with how you game. 

Most people don’t really need to use two monitors for gaming. The average gamer will be fine using a single monitor, and adding another one into the mix can complicate things necessary. 

But other people might want to use two monitors or even more. Streaming gamers often use dual monitors because this allows you to have your game on one screen and your streaming tools on another. 

If you don’t have a need for a second monitor, then it’s probably not worth getting one. But if you need it, running dual monitors can increase your gameplay experience for the better in several ways. 

Benefits of Dual Monitors for Gaming

There are multiple benefits you can expect from using dual monitors for gaming. Keep any of the information here in mind when trying to decide if a dual monitor setup is good for you. 

One initial benefit of dual monitors is that you can get double the display, leading to a more involved and in-depth gameplay experience. This is nice to have if you are playing a game with expansive visuals. 

Another benefit comes into play when thinking about streaming games. Dual monitors allow you to play your game on one screen while handling everything related to streaming on another. This might be essential if you stream often. 

Dual monitors can also give you more precision and focus during gameplay. You can watch more of the game, which helps you figure things out or get locked in on a more involved level. 

Dual monitors can also bring your gaming experience to another level. You can feel more immersed in the gameplay when looking at multiple displays compared to when you are playing with a single one. 

You can also view graphics and footage at a higher resolution when using multiple monitors. This is only true if your computer is capable of handling these higher resolutions. But it can enhance gameplay once again. 

Disadvantages of Dual Monitors for Gaming

There are also a few disadvantages to using dual monitors that you should know about. These can directly affect your gameplay or wallet, so keep them in mind alongside the benefits. 

The first obvious disadvantage is that getting another monitor will cost you money. A nice monitor can be pretty expensive, so using two isn’t always an option for anyone with limited funds or those on a budget. 

Dual monitors also require more space. If you don’t have a large gaming room, you probably have limited space and might not even have enough room to use dual monitors. Or you might need to consider mounting them on the wall or something similar. 

You can also run into issues with performance when using dual monitors. If you don’t have a computer capable of effectively running two monitors at once, you might experience issues such as delays or screen tears. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if dual monitors are worth it for gaming. 

Does having 2 monitors affect GPU performance? 

Using two monitors for gaming will affect GPU performance. When you use two monitors, you will double the GPU’s work. You can run into issues during gameplay if you don’t have enough GPU to keep up with this. 

Do you really need two monitors? 

The average gamer doesn’t really need two monitors. It’s unnecessary to get multiple monitor setups if you don’t really have a reason. But if you want two monitors, you can make it work and get good results. 

Does dual monitors slow down gaming? 

Dual monitors can affect gaming performance. If you don’t have the performance specs to handle the increase in pixels that come with dual monitors, you might experience slowdowns, lags, and other glitches. 

Final Thoughts 

Dual monitors are not worth it for every gamer. If you don’t have the space or budget to get another monitor in the mix, you probably don’t really need one. You also need a computer that can handle using another monitor. 

But if you want a more immersive gaming experience, dual monitors can give you that. Streaming gamers also like to use multiple monitors to better control gameplay and streaming features simultaneously. 

Do you use single or dual monitors for your gaming setup? Why? Let me know in the comments below. 

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