Can You Use Your Own Router with Frontier?

Even though most users go with the base equipment, it’s possible to use your own router with Frontier’s service.

I am an avid technology user who’s spent years working with all types of routers. My experience with different models, as well as my additional research on Frontier, gave me the knowledge to answer the questions laid out below.

This article tackles, not just the best routers to use with Frontier, but the pros and cons of making that choice in order to see if it’s right for you.

Key Takeaways

  • As long as you have the right equipment, it’s easy to switch over from Frontier’s router to your own device.
  • Using your own device comes with plenty of pros, including more control, better attributes, and a cheaper price point.
  • The biggest downsides to buying a third-party modem are ease of use and a lack of support from Frontier.

Using Your Own Router with Frontier

Frontier is a premium internet service that provides solid equipment anyone can use to run their at-home network. However, just because you can use their devices doesn’t mean you should.

While Frontier’s products are more than serviceable, especially for smaller households that don’t have a ton of devices, any user can plug in their own compatible router and run their internet through that instead.

That’s a step most people avoid, either because they think it’s too much work or they simply don’t know the option exists. However, using your own router, while not perfect, is an easy process and something that can be worth your while.

Using Your Own Router: The Pros

Most users who sign up with Frontier will readily use the company’s base equipment. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially for those who don’t need a lot of extra power or speed. Even so, getting your own compatible router goes a long way too.

First, buying your own equipment can be cheaper in the long run. While you have to pay the initial purchase price, having your own machine means you won’t have to rent from Frontier. That cuts out a monthly fee, which puts more money in your pocket over time.

Another big bonus to getting your own router is having more control. Going with Frontier’s router is easy, but it also means you can only use what they give you. If you want extra attributes or unique characteristics, you’re out of luck.

By choosing your own router, you get to pick the exact model and specifications you want. That allows for more freedom. If you need a device that’s more powerful or that comes with more coverage, you can do it. If you want a focus on speed instead, you can do that as well.

Using Your own Router: The Cons

There are many reasons to get a third-party router, but there are a few reasons to avoid going that route as well. The machines do a serviceable job and can bring another dimension to your at-home service. Despite that, they do come with some drawbacks.

For most users, the biggest downside of getting an external router is going to be the lack of service. Where Frontier has no issues helping you repair, replace, or upgrade their equipment, the same is not true of a third-party device.

The company is not equipped, nor are they required, to help you with any extra products. That means if something goes wrong you’re going to be on your own. That’s not the end of the world for everyone, but it might be a problem for those who don’t have a lot of tech experience.

On top of that, going the third-party route means you have to do a lot of additional research. Not every router works with every internet service. Understand that, and know you’re going to have to look up exactly what routers work with Frontier before making a final purchase.

You can always check the company’s website to see if your potential router is a good pick. Still, that’s an extra step you won’t have to do if you go with Frontier’s equipment.

The Best Routers for Frontier

If you decide that getting a third-party router for your Frontier service is the best way to go, the number of choices on the market can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, there are a few reliable models you can keep in mind during your search.

If you want something with a lot of power and speed, the Asus WiFi 6 is a great pick. It’s compact, comes with excellent security features, and has great coverage. The Netgear RAXE500, while expensive, falls into a similar premium category as well.

If you’re looking for a reliable option that comes in at a much friendlier budget, the TP-Link Archer AX-10 is a good choice. The TP-Link Archer AX3000 offers amazing value as well. Both models are fast, have plenty of useful features, and give you reliable coverage.


This section tackles some of the most common questions users ask about Frontier routers.

Will Any Router Work with Any Provider?

Unfortunately, no. While some providers have wide compatibility, most have unique specifications. You can only use routers that work with their particular internet.

Is It Easy to Hook Up a Router to My Frontier Modem?

Yes. If you want to plug in a router all you have to do is release the IP address from the router, then switch the ethernet cable plugged into the current WAN port and move it to the device you want to connect.

Does Frontier Charge for Their Router?

While Frontier’s modem is free, their router does cost $10 a month to rent. However, it’s not an additional charge on top of your monthly rate. Rather, it’s wrapped up in your cost.

Final Words

Going with your own Frontier router comes with many benefits, but it’s not all upsides either. There’s a real choice when using a third-party device. For some, it’s worth it. For others, it’s not worth the hassle. Always research both sides before making your final choice.

Do you use your own router with Frontier, or go with the company’s equipment? Why or why not? Let us know below!

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