Can I Use Orbi with an Existing Router?

Though it doesn’t work with every device, Orbi can be used with a wide range of existing routers as long as it’s set up or connected in the right way.

I am someone who has worked with all different types of technology throughout my life. My personal experience with numerous routers, as well as my own knowledge of Orbi, allowed me to cover how the service works with other devices.

This guide covers that topic in great detail by breaking down what Orbi is, how it operates, as well as some of the reasons users may want it over a traditional WiFi setup.

Key Takeaways

  • Orbi devices can be used with existing routers, as long as the two devices are compatible.
  • Setting up an Orbi device with an existing router is a rather simple process that takes only a few steps to complete.
  • Orbi is a great choice for users who run a lot of strong devices, or for those who need extra coverage and fast speeds at the same time.

How to Use Orbi

Orbi is one of the most useful ways to extend WiFi coverage on the current market. Their useful devices can be set up anywhere, and greatly expand your home connection. That’s true of the company’s WiFi system, it’s true of their satellites, and it’s also true of their routers.

All of those devices either setup, extend, or expand your internet connection. While not a true mesh system, the network does a great job of mimicking one. Not only that, but the devices don’t have to be used on their own. They can work with an existing router.

However, it’s not as straightforward as it might seem. There are a few aspects all users must keep in mind. First, only Orbi Voice and Orbi Outdoor Satellite in extender mode can be used with non-Orbi routers.

On top of that, Orbi Mesh WiFi can connect to either a router or a modem, but one has to already be in place for it to work. The new routers will connect to any devices you already have set up, but you first need to disconnect the WiFi on those devices.

That setup may seem daunting to those not particularly familiar with the technology, but it’s not as involved as it first appears. As long as you know the steps and understand Orbi, it’s a quick process that shouldn’t take too long.

Using Orbi with Your Own Router

When setting up Orbi with an existing router, you first want to properly prepare both devices. To do that, plug your Orbi and router into a strong power source and, if possible, power cycle both devices to remove any potential issues and make the process smoother.

Once that’s done, connect the devices through a wired connection via an ethernet cable. Place each item a good distance away from each other, plug the cable into your existing router through the LAN port, and then plug the other end into the Orbi satellite. 

After both devices are connected, you next want to login to Orbi by going to their website, logging in with the username “admin” and the password you created during setup. 

The final step is then to put the device into AP (or Access Point) mode. That will enable your satellite to become the WiFi signal transmitter. This process is easy as well. 

To set up the mode, go to the BASIC home page displayed in your Orbi registration. Next, click the advanced button to go to advanced setup, and then click on “router” and “AP mode.”

The Reasons to Get Orbi

Understanding how to use Orbi can be extremely useful, but some users may still be wary of the service. Even so, there are many reasons to bring it into your home if you have a more traditional ISP router.

First, Orbi comes with a lot of power. While normal routers do a good job of sending a WiFi signal throughout your home, Orbi takes that to the next level. It easily eliminates dead zones, and provides up to a staggering 5,000 square feet of coverage.

Another big plus is that it works with tri-band technology. That gives you incredibly fast speeds, especially compared to some of the other top devices on the market. If you run a lot of powerful devices at one time, it’s definitely the service for you. 

There’s built-in data theft protection as well. Having extra security is always a bonus, especially for those who have a lot of sensitive information on their home internet. That’s not something you might notice all the time, but it’s certainly nice to have.

The service can be quite expensive, and setup is not as easy as other top networks. Even so, for most users the pros vastly outweigh the cons.


Here, I answer many of the most asked questions about how Orbi works with routers.

Is Orbi a Router or a Modem?

Orbi has the ability to completely replace your existing cable modem or gateway. As such, the system can be used as both a modem and a router when it comes to connection purposes. 

Do You Still Need to Use an Internet Provider with Orbi?

Yes. Though Orbi can replace a lot of your WiFi setup, the system still needs an ISP in order to fully connect the devices throughout your home.

Does Orbi Charge a Monthly Fee?

As with any at-home internet service, Orbi charges per month. Users can get a 30-day trial, but beyond that it costs either $7.99 a month or $69.99 a year depending on the plan you prefer.

Final Words

Orbi is a great service that comes with a wide range of perks. Though it takes a few extra steps, using it with an existing router is a great way to take advantage of the company’s devices. You get great internet and compatibility with very little downside.

Do you use Orbi? What setup did you pair it with, and are you happy with the results? Let us know down in the comments below!

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