How Far Can a Ring Camera Be From the Router?

Though there’s no one place where your Ring needs to be in relation to your router, for optimal results you want to keep it within a hundred or so feet of the device.

I am an avid technology user who’s spent plenty of time owning and using various Ring devices. My personal experience in that regard, combined with extra research, has allowed me to better understand how they work with and connect to the internet.

This guide takes a closer look at Ring cameras by studying the best way to get them to link up to the internet. It does that via a deep into their mechanisms, individual placement, and how they work with routers.

Key Takeaways

  • Always do your best to keep your router within a reasonable distance of your Ring camera.
  • When placing your Ring camera it’s important to make sure it goes into a more open spot that has good WiFi access and great vision.
  • Check your signal strength and don’t hold back on monitoring your Ring’s connection health if you ever notice network issues.

Where To Put Your Ring Camera and Router

When it comes to Ring cameras, there’s no one distance they can be from a wireless router. While it may seem like you always want them to be within a certain range, where you end up placing them depends on the router much more than the Ring.

The devices typically operate off of your WiFi signal. As long as they aren’t too far away from the device (somewhere you have no issue connecting personal electronics like laptops and phones) you shouldn’t have any issues. That typically means within one hundred or so feet.

Anything that goes beyond that mark will likely see drops or long term connectivity issues. Also note that there are several different Ring models on the marker. Their ability to pick up and interact with WiFi all differ, but they tend to follow the same general guidelines.

Ideally, you want to keep the Ring as close to your router as you can without messing with other devices or creating any unnecessary overlap. 

The Best Place to Put a Ring Camera

Though you want to keep your Ring camera within router range, finding a final place for it isn’t always easy. There are several spots you can set it around your home, and all of them tend to come with distinct pros and cons.

Ring cameras are extremely versatile. As long as you know which model you have (outdoor or indoor) you can freely put it just about anywhere that falls in line with the guidelines outlined in the above section. You just need a power outlet and you’re good to go.

When placing the camera, put it somewhere where it has a great view and can give you accurate feedback. To do that, keep it away from dark places, ones that are obscured by trees or landmarks, as well as narrow areas that cut off its peripherals.

You’re always going to set it up somewhere you want to keep an eye on. It’s more about making sure it does its job while in those places and understanding how to get the most out of it. A stable connection is an important part of that equation.

How to Improve Ring WiFi

Ring devices tend to be extremely reliable and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean they always work at full capacity. There are times, for one reason or another, they don’t hit the mark. It’s important to know what those situations are, and the best way to fix them.

The first thing you should do if your Ring isn’t up to snuff is to test your WiFi connection.  The devices require high speed internet to function properly, so it’s important to use the Ring app to do a Device Health Test and see how everything’s coming along.

Also note that if you ever have less than 2Mbps connectivity you might experience issues. While the device can certainly work under such situations, it might do so with lower video quality or potentially delayed notifications.

You always want to stay on top of your signal strength, as there’s a chance that interruptions or issues between your router and Ring are causing problems.

To make sure everything’s ok, open the Ring app and tap on the three lines on the top left of the screen. Hit devices, then choose the device you want to test and tap on Device Health. That screen will allow you to see the Signal Strength under the Network section.

If your signal is poor, it can be due to issues like the layout of your home, router placement, or obstacles getting in the signal’s way. Always make sure your router is in an open spot that doesn’t have any other electronics or large objects (including furniture) near it.

If you already have your router in such an area, resetting it can work too. Unplug yours from the power supply for roughly thirty seconds and then plug it back in. In two or three minutes, your issues should be resolved when the internet comes back on.


This section goes over and answers some common questions about Ring cameras.

Does Ring Work Without Internet?

No. As the product relies on a stable WiFi connection in order to connect and share information with other devices, it will not be able to properly operate without a stable network.

Do You Have to Tell Your Neighbors About Your Ring Doorbell?

No. It’s legal to own a Ring without needing to tell your neighbors or anyone else about it. However, it’s never a bad idea to share that information to those who live close to you. Keep the settings so you only capture your property as well.

Do Ring Cameras Work on 2.4 GHz or 5GHz?

Almost every Ring product (with the exception of the Pro Doorbell 2) operates on a 2.4 GHz WiFi network to function in the correct way.

Final Words

Ring cameras are fantastic devices that need a strong internet connection to work. Always make sure yours isn’t too far from your router, and check on it every now and then. If you keep on top of it, you won’t have any new issues arise over time.

Do you use a Ring camera? Where do you have it and have you had any WiFi issues? Let me know below!

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