Do Wireless Chargers Work on All Phones?

Wireless chargers do not work on all phones. Wireless charging capabilities are a standard feature on many newer phones, but it’s not available on all. You can get a wireless charging adapter to support this on phones not enabled with it. 

This post will explore if wireless chargers work on all phones. I’ll provide you with relevant information related to wireless charging and tell you how to determine if your smartphone supports this type of charging. 

Let’s get rolling.

Key Takeaways

  • Wireless chargers do not work on all phones; this feature is only available on phones with wireless charging capabilities. 
  • You can find out if your smartphone has wireless charging capabilities by looking at the manufacturer’s specifications for that model. 
  • If your phone isn’t equipped with wireless charging features, you can get an adapter that can enable it to do so. 

Do Wireless Chargers Work on All Phones?

Wireless charging is a helpful feature that allows you to quickly charge up a phone when you need to without a cord. This is a common feature on many modern smartphones, but it’s unavailable on all of them. 

If your phone is built with wireless charging capabilities, it can be charged using a wireless charger. You can’t charge it using a wireless charger if it doesn’t have these capabilities. 

Technically, wireless charging doesn’t work on all phones because not every phone has wireless charging capabilities. But you can use an adapter if your phone doesn’t have this feature to enable you to use a wireless charger. 

You can look at the manufacturer’s specifications to find out if a wireless charger will work with your phone. This information can be found in the paperwork that comes with your phone or online at the manufacturer’s website. 

If you have a newer phone, like an iPhone or Samsung, it will most likely work with a wireless charger. If you have an older phone, it might have been released before wireless charging was around.

Does My Phone Support Wireless Charging? 

Most newer phones will support wireless charging. If you just recently purchased a phone and it’s one of the popular models, it’s most likely equipped with wireless charging capabilities. 

You can check the specs on your phone to determine if it has this feature. If the specs say that it is wireless charge enabled, has wireless charging capabilities, or any language similar to this, you’ll be able to use a wireless charger. 

If the specs do not mention anything about wireless charging, then it’s likely not supported on your phone. If this is the case, you still might be able to use a wireless charger if you get an adapter that allows your phone to be charged wirelessly. 

Even if your phone doesn’t come with a wireless charger, there’s still a good chance it will work with one. Most modern phones have this capability, but not every manufacturer includes the wireless charger, which must be purchased separately. 

How Do I Enable Wireless Charging on Android? 

If you have an Android phone equipped with wireless charging capabilities, you don’t need to do much to enable it. In fact, you might not need to do anything at all and can just throw it on a wireless charging pad when you need a charge. 

But you can adjust some settings with wireless charging in mind, allowing you to get a faster charge. This can be convenient when you are on the move or for various other reasons. If your phone has the feature, you can choose fast or regular wireless charging. 

You can adjust these settings in your Android phone by going to the Battery settings in the Settings menu. Then you’ll have the option to turn fast wireless charging either on or off, depending on your preferences. 

How Does a Wireless Charger Work for iPhone? 

You most likely have wireless charging capabilities if you have an iPhone. You’ll need to purchase a wireless charger to take advantage of the feature. But once you have one, using the charger is simple. 

All you need to do is throw the phone on the Qi charging mat, and your iPhone will start charging. The wireless technology is already enabled in the iPhone, and you don’t need to do anything special to get it to work. 

If you have an older model iPhone, it might not work with wireless chargers. Check the specs on yours to know for sure.  

Do You Need a Wireless Charger for Your Phone?

Wireless charging is an innovation with a huge amount of potential, but that potential isn’t exactly helpful if your current device hasn’t been constructed to support it.

Before you purchase any wireless charging accessories, check the manufacturer’s website or your Samsung phone’s settings to determine if it can actually charge wirelessly.

If it isn’t built in, don’t worry! There are plenty of adapters such as alternate backs and cases that can be added to make your Samsung phone wireless compatible, it will just take a little more work to get there.

On the other hand, if your phone does support wireless charging, you’re all set! Wireless charging is great for those who have outlets in strange or annoying locations, or if you just want the convenience of a cordless and instant charging method on your tabletop rather than the nearest flat surface your cord reaches.

You can see and move your device with ease, and never worry about where you left your charging cable or whether it’s become frayed beyond use. Overall it makes for a simpler, more streamlined experience and saves you the hassle and grey hairs.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if wireless chargers work on all phones. 

How do I know if my phone supports wireless charging?

You can take a quick look at the manufacturer’s specifications of your phone to find out if it supports wireless charging. These specs should indicate if the phone is enabled with wireless charging technology. 

Which phones can be charged wirelessly? 

Many phones can be charged wirelessly, and this is a feature on most common smartphone models. If you see the terms wireless charging capabilities or wireless charging enabled in the tech specs of your phone, it can be charged wirelessly. 

How do you charge a normal phone with a wireless charger? 

If you have a normal phone that isn’t equipped with wireless charging capabilities, you’ll need to get an adapter for this to work. Adapters can either attach to your phone or plug into its charging jack to help facilitate wireless charging. 

Final Thoughts

Wireless chargers will not work on all phones, but they will work on many of them. You can use a wireless charger if your phone has wireless charging capabilities. And you can get an adapter that allows wireless charging if your phone isn’t built with it. 

What type of phone do you have, and does it have wireless charging capabilities? Let me know in the comments below.

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