How to Remove Bookmarks on Chrome Mac

Bookmarks are shortcuts to websites. We all have them on our browsers, and we all use them now and then. But what if you need to remove a bookmark?

Hi, I’m Andreas. Despite Safari being the native browser on Apple devices and systems, I use Google Chrome for browsing the web. And I’m here to tell you how to remove bookmarks on Chrome Mac, step by step.

By the end of this short guide, you will notice that the process is quite simple.

So, without wasting too much of your time, let’s start.

Removing Bookmarks on Chrome on Mac

Before you start, I’d recommend backing up those important bookmarks you need, just in case. You can easily export Chrome bookmarks. I won’t get into that in this article, but just a reminder.

Back to the topic, here are the simple steps you need to take to remove Chrome bookmarks from your bookmark bar.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome and go to the three dots in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Navigate to “Bookmarks” > “Bookmark Manager.” The shortcut for getting to the bookmark manager is “Option” + “Command” + “B.”

Step 3: Select the bookmark you want to delete, right-click, and press “Delete.”

In these three simple steps, you will remove saved web pages from your bookmarks bar. You can also delete multiple bookmarks simultaneously by holding down the “Command” key and clicking on each bookmark.

However, there is yet another method of deleting bookmarks on Chrome on Mac. This method doesn’t involve going through the bookmark settings. Instead, it deletes directly from the bookmarks bar. Here is how to do that.

Removing Bookmarks on Chrome from Bookmark Bar

Step 1: Launch Chrome.

Step 2: Navigate to the bookmarks bar just under the URL section of the browser. If the bookmarks bar isn’t visible, you need to make it. To do that, go to the three dots in the top-right corner > “Bookmarks” > “Show bookmarks bar.” The shortcut on Mac is “Command” + “Shift” + “B.”

Step 3: With the bookmarks bar visible, right-click on any bookmark and choose “Delete.”

This method does allow you to delete any bookmark from the bar, but you will have to search for some bookmarks using the tiny arrows at the end of the bar.

There is also an “Other Bookmarks” folder in the bar that you can open to browse through your bookmarks and delete them manually. But if you want a more visible method, I suggest you stick with the one I previously explained.

You can use this method to remove the most recent bookmarks quickly.

Why You Should Bookmark Web Pages

Even though this guide talks about how to delete bookmarks on Chrome Mac, I will also make a case for why you should bookmark web pages.

Bookmarks are like shortcuts. For every web page that you bookmark, you create a shortcut to that specific page. If you’re reading this article about Chrome bookmark location on Mac, you create a shortcut to that guide on your browser. 

So, next time when you need to go back to that guide, you won’t have to Google search the topic. Open your bookmark manager and find the shortcut to the web page.

Essentially, bookmarks save time. It’s a browsing habit that makes browsing more seamless and streamlined. 

Some use bookmarks as reminders. Maybe some of you don’t have the time to read a specific article. Well, bookmark the web page and come back at a later time.

When you finish reading the article, delete the bookmark. 


Deleting bookmarks on Chrome Mac is as easy as pie. Web browsers allow you to save shortcuts to web pages that you can use for a later time. But it comes to a point when it’s time to do some house cleaning. 

Whenever you feel like your bookmark tab is getting crowded, delete the bookmarks you no longer need.

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