How Do You Send a Starbucks Gift Card via Text?

Though the service is not available to Android users, those with an iPhone can use either iMessage or the Starbucks app to send gift cards through text. 

I am an avid Starbucks lover who has a lot of familiarity with both the company and their app. My own experience, mixed with additional research on sending and receiving gift cards, allowed me to construct the following guide. 

Each of the below sections takes a long look at Starbucks gift cards. They do so by analyzing how the cards operate online and showing the different ways they can be sent electronically to others.

Key Takeaways

  • Sending Starbucks gift cards through text is a simple process that just about anyone can do in just a few short steps.
  • iPhone users can use iMessage to send gift cards as long as they have an account on the Starbucks app.
  • Those without iPhones are still able to deliver Starbucks gift cards through email or the Starbucks website if they so wish.

Sending Gift Cards Electronically

Gift cards have long been a great way to get someone a present. Rather than having to stress about the right (or wrong) item, they allow a gift-giver to inject some flexibility into their present. There’s less stress on both ends, and everyone ends up happy.

Though gift cards aren’t necessarily the best choice for smaller brands or stores, as that can limit their flexibility, they are great options for more mainstream chains. That’s especially true of common eateries like Starbucks.

However, getting someone a gift card in person isn’t always easy. Not only can going out and getting one be a bit of a hassle, but it’s not always convenient if the person on the receiving end doesn’t live in the same area as you. 

That’s why Starbucks offers the ability to send gift cards via text rather than needing to go into a store, buy one, and then gift it through traditional means.

Sending a Starbucks Gift Card with an iPhone

The ability to send gift cards over text is a recently newer phenomenon, and it’s just as useful as it first seems. It’s an incredibly easy process as well. It just takes a few easy steps, depending on what type of phone you own.

If you’re an iOS user, sending a Starbucks gift card with your iPhone is incredibly quick. You don’t even need to open the Starbucks app. All you need to do is to go through iMessage.

First, download the Starbucks app (if you don’t have it already). Once that’s done, you need to set up an account through the app. If you already have one, then just login. Either way, make sure you have put your credit or debit card on file.

From there, go to your iMessage inbox and select the conversation with the person who you want to send the gift card to. Select the application icon next to the text box, scroll through the application toolbar and select the Starbucks logo. 

If you don’t see the logo, touch the three-dot icon, select edit, and then enable the Starbucks app. You will then see various gift card designs. Choose the one you want and then pick how much money you want to give (either $5, $10, or $25). Click buy and you’re good to go.

After sending the money, the recipient of the card will see a preview of the gift card in their inbox and will be able to collect/use it just like a normal one.

Sending a Starbucks Gift Card with an Android Phone

Sending a Starbucks gift card with an iPhone is easy. However, with an Android phone, it’s impossible. The company does not have Android functionality with that particular service. Despite that, all is not lost. 

If you own an Android and still want to get a Starbucks gift card to someone electronically, you can use the Starbucks app on your phone to email it instead.

To do so, download the Starbucks app and create your account. Next, choose the gift option at the bottom right of the screen, then pick your preferable card design depending on the occasion. You can then set the card’s amount, either $5, $10, $20, $25, or $50.

You can also add on a customized message if you so wish. Then, put in the recipient’s name and email address and tap “continue” to go to your preferred payment method.

That’s not your only option either. You can also send a Starbucks gift card through the website. Just head over to their page, pick a gift card you want. There are some set amounts, but you can click “custom amount” to pick anything between $5 and $100.


These are some of the most common questions users ask about Starbucks gift cards.

How Do I Add Money to a Starbucks Gift Card?

If you’ve already sent someone a gift card there is no way to add more money to it. However, you can always customize the amount on the card if you send it through Starbucks’ website. The same is not true when sending through text.

How Many Times Can I Use a Starbucks Gift Card?

There is no limit to how many times you may use an individual gift card. You can simply keep charging it until there is no money left.

Can I Resend Someone a Starbucks Gift Card?

Unfortunately, no. There’s no way to resend or share a gift card with any other Starbucks account. If you wanted to use it on someone else you would have to purchase their items for them during a trip to the bakery.

Final Words

Gift cards are great, especially if you know they’ll be used. All coffee drinkers love a Starbucks card, and being able to send it over text or email makes it easier to buy than ever. No matter where you live, if you follow the above steps you’ll be able to give the gift to anyone.

Have you ever sent someone a Starbucks gift card over text? How often do you visit the coffee maker? Let us know in the comments below!

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