Where Are Chrome Bookmarks Stored on Mac?

Google Chrome is a popular browser that even Mac users are using. Despite not being the operating system’s native browser, hundreds of thousands of Mac users prefer it over Safari. But Safari makes it easy to find bookmarks. So it begs the question, where are Chrome bookmarks stored on Mac?

My name is Andreas, I use Google Chrome on my Mac as it gives me more flexibility with work. Even if Chrome isn’t the best web browser for macOS, I will tell you where to find the bookmarks on your MacBook Pro or any other Mac.

Stick around if you want to know where to look.

Finding Google Chrome Bookmarks on macOS

The macOS or any other operating system keeps bookmark files hidden. Bookmark files are small in size, so the macOS keeps them hidden. But bookmarks are an excellent way of keeping a shortcut to specific web pages.

Through the Google Chrome browser bookmark folder, you keep copies of these shortcuts and can export them to other devices. There’s even the chance to back up these files.

But to do all that, you need to find the bookmarks location. Fear not, as finding the folder is as easy as pie. 

Method 1

If you are a computer person or consider yourself to be tech-savvy, follow these steps and you’ll have no trouble finding the Google Chrome bookmark folder on your macOS laptop or desktop device.

  • Open a command line and type in the following: /Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default.
  • If the specified folder doesn’t appear, macOS is hiding the directory. Through the same command line, go to /Users/ <your username> and make the director unhidden by pressing “Command + Shift + Period.”
  • The “Library” folder will then appear. Go to Library/Application Support/Google/Google Chrome.
  • In the Google Chrome folder, look for the “Default” folder. Enter it, and you’ll find a bookmark file.

Method 2

For those of you who aren’t as tech-savvy as they’d like, there is another way to export Google Chrome bookmarks on your macOS device. To do that, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and click the three vertical dots on the right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: Open Bookmarks and click on “Bookmark manager.”

Step 3: Press the three vertical dots and click on “Export bookmarks.”

If you want to import the file to another device with Google Chrome, follow the same steps until the last one. Instead of “Export bookmarks,” click on “Import Bookmarks.” Select the bookmark file, and all of your saved bookmarks will appear on that device.

Now that you know where are Google Chrome bookmarks stored on your Mac, I will explain why bookmarks are important.

Benefits of Keeping Chrome Bookmarks on Your Mac

There are benefits to keeping deleted bookmarks in case of data recovery. But that’s not all. While many people gloss over the need to press the bookmark button, I will tell you why you should do it and how to organize bookmark folders.

More Convenient and Faster Searching

Web browsers such as Chrome design bookmarks for two simple reasons – convenience and speed. With just a press of a button, you can bookmark any web page and get instant access later on. 

Through the steps I mentioned earlier, you can export the bookmarks and import them to any device that uses Google’s browser.

Have Instant Access to Important Web Pages

Big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft design their products with the goal of easy accessibility. Nowadays, you can view information from one device to another without physically connecting them.

This is done through a cloud service. You can connect all of your devices by being logged in on your Google account. The same goes for the Chrome browser. When you’re traveling, you might need to access certain web pages. 

But how would you do it if you’re not physically transferring the information with you? By saving your bookmarks, you have instant access to important web pages on the go. Whether you’re traveling for work or on a holiday, the bookmarks will allow instant access to information.

Better Organization

We’ve all been in a situation where constantly typing in the same URL or Google search becomes a hassle. I’ve been there myself with Google Sheets. When you open Google Sheets, you need to open the website first, press a button to take you to your sheets, and open a specific Google Sheet.

I can’t tell you how much I hated doing this. So think of Chrome bookmarks as organization tools.

By bookmarking a specific Google Sheet, you have instant access to the information you need. You can even organize Google Chrome bookmarks into folders and subfolders for even more organization.

Not Lose Web Pages

You might be browsing the web and come across a website that you like or find helpful for later on. But let’s say you don’t have the time to read a specific article. In that case, you can save the bookmarks and open them for a later time.

That way, you’re not losing web pages.

How to Create Chrome Bookmark Folders on Mac?

For the last part of this guide, I will show you how to create new Chrome bookmarks folders for better organization.

  • Open Chrome on your Mac and navigate to the three dots.
  • Click on “Bookmark manager.” This will take you to a new window where you can see all of your bookmark folders.
  • The “Bookmark bar” is a default folder.
  • To add new folders, navigate to the three dots and click on “Add new folder.”
  • Give the folder a name and click save.
  • The new folder will appear in the “Bookmark bar.”
  • Drag the folder to another folder if you want to add it under a different folder.

It’s that easy.


That concludes this guide on where are bookmarks stored on Mac. I hope that this article explains everything you need to know about Chrome bookmarks and how to create new folders.

I’ve also included a few reasons why you should bookmark pages. Ultimately, there is no better way to save time browsing the internet than saving your favorite web pages.

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