How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 11

Taking scrolling screenshots on Windows 11 computers is quite easy. While there is no native feature to take long screenshots on Windows 11, a couple of workarounds exist.

I’m a tech lover with a decade of experience using the Windows operating system. And I take screenshots daily for my work on both mobile and PC, so I’m pretty familiar with the process.

In this article, I will show you two quick ways to take a scrolling screenshot on Windows 11 for free. You will need to download an extension or an app depending on the method that you choose.

Method 1: Using Chrome Extension

If you need to capture long screenshots for web pages, spreadsheets, or something similar found on Chrome (or a Chromium browser), you can use a Chrome extension.

Here I will tell you the steps using the GoFullPage Chrome extension.

Step 1: Install the GoFullPage extension in your browser. For that, open the extension link and click on the Add to Chrome button. Click on the Add extension in the confirmation pop-up window that shows up.

Step 2: After installation, the extension would show up in the list of Chrome extensions. You can pin it to the Chrome toolbar for faster access. To do so, click on the Extensions icon in Chrome and press the Pin icon next to the GoFullPage extension.

The GoFullPage icon i.e., the Camera icon will appear in the pinned extensions section.

Step 3: Open the webpage where you want to capture a scrolling screenshot.

Step 4: Click on the pinned GoFullPage icon. The extension will start taking a scrolling screenshot of the web page and the page will scroll automatically. Do not click anywhere, otherwise, that would stop the scrolling screenshot.

Tip: The GoFullPage extension supports keyboard shortcuts. Use Alt + Shift + P keyboard shortcut to take a scrolling screenshot.

Step 5: When the screenshot is captured, the preview screen will open that lets you download the long screenshot in PNG or PDF format. Click on the PDF or Download icon to save the screenshot in the desired format.

Tip: Right-click on the GoFullPage extension icon and select Options. Here you can customize the extension settings like changing the default image format from PNG to JPG, paper size for PDFs, and more.

Some other Chrome extensions to take scrolling screenshots are:

Method 2: Using Windows Apps

The above method has a drawback in that it can take screenshots within Chrome or of web pages only. If you want to capture a long screenshot for something outside of the web browser, like a Word document or an Excel file, you need to use software that works in any app.

Let’s check the steps for the ShareX app, which is a free and open-source app that offers multiple screen capture modes like full screen, active window, monitor, fixed region, and screen recording, in addition to the scrolling screenshot.

Step 1: Download the ShareX app from the official website on your Windows 11 PC.

Step 2: Install the ShareX app using the .exe file that you downloaded in step 1.

Step 3: Open the app in which you want to capture a scrolling screenshot.

Step 4: Launch the ShareX app on your computer. Click on Capture > Scrolling capture.

Step 5: The selection border will appear. Click on the app to start taking its long screenshot. 

The Options window from ShareX will appear where you can customize the various options related to the long screenshot. The default options work well. You can leave them untouched.

Press the Start scrolling capture button in the Options window. The entire window of the selected app will be captured in a few seconds.

Step 6: Once the scrolling screenshot is captured, the Output window will open. Click on the “Upload/save depending on after capture settings”.

Step 7: You will reach the image editing screen you can draw on the screenshot, add text, shapes, or arrows to the image. You can even resize the image, blur the image, add a border to it, change color, and do much more.

When you are happy with the final image, click on the Save or Save Image as icons to download the final image.

You will find the screenshots in C:\Users\[Your username]\Documents\ShareX folder. Or, click on the Screenshot folder present in the left sidebar of the ShareX app.

Final Words

I hope you were able to take a scrolling screenshot on your Windows 11 computer. The apps mentioned above do not add any watermark to the images or put any restrictions on the number of scrolling screenshots. 

You can use them for taking regular screenshots as well. I would suggest saving the long screenshots in PNG or PDF format to avoid blurring of images.

And, if you know of some other good app or method to take scrolling screenshots on Windows 11, do let us know in the comments below.

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