How to Transfer iMovie Project to Another Mac

Are you interested in editing your iMovie projects on another computer? It’s entirely possible to transfer your files to another Mac, and I’ll share with you how to achieve this. 

You can transfer your iMovie project to another Mac by saving it to an external storage device like an external drive, or a USB drive, or by uploading it to iCloud so that you can download it later.

Hi! I’m Nancy. As a video enthusiast who loves to tell stories, I enjoy using iMovie to bring my ideas to life. I realize that sometimes you may need the flexibility to take your projects with you and work on them on different computers. 

That’s why, in this post, I’ll share the best methods to transfer your iMovie projects from your Mac to another Mac. Let’s get started.

Can You Save an iMovie and Work on It Later?

iMovie automatically saves your work in progress, so there’s no need to worry about manually saving it. If you have an unfinished iMovie project, you can resume your work from where you left off whenever you reopen iMovie.

All your saved projects can be found in the “Projects” browser across all of your Apple devices. On a Mac, the saved project files will be located in the iMovie Library folder inside the Movies folder.

How Do I Transfer iMovie Projects to Another Mac?

Here are two effective ways to transfer iMovie projects to another Mac computer.

Solution 1: External Storage Device

Step 1: To begin, connect your external drive or USB device to your Mac. Next, launch the iMovie application and in the main menu go to File, Open Library and select New

A window will pop up for you to create a new iMovie Library folder to save to your USB device.

Step 2: After creating a new iMovie Library folder in your USB device, navigate to the Projects main page and select the iMovie project that you want to transfer. Click on the three dots and choose Move to Library. Then, select the library that you previously created on your USB storage device. 

This action will create a copy of your iMovie project and transfer it along with the corresponding media files to the USB storage device.

Step 3: To open the iMovie project on another Mac, simply connect the USB drive to the new computer, right-click the iMovie Library file, select Open With, and choose iMovie as the default app. This will open the project in iMovie on your new Mac.

Solution 2: iCloud Drive

Step 1: Log into your Apple ID on your Mac and make sure that the “iCloud Drive” button is enabled. Next, click on Options next to iCloud Drive, and then press the checkbox Desktop & Documents Folders.

Step 2: Open the Finder and click on iCloud Drive. Select your project file folder from the iMovie Library and copy and paste it to the iCloud Drive folder. 

Step 3: After uploading it, your project file will be synced to your iCloud account via the web. To download the file onto another Mac computer, simply log in to with your Apple ID, go to iCloud Drive, and click on the Browse folder. Your iMovie project folder will be visible there.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it! I hope the step-by-step guide was straightforward for you to follow when transferring your iMovie projects between different computers. As you can see, there are various ways to transfer projects and videos between Apple devices when using iMovie.

If you have any further questions about how to transfer iMovie videos, kindly drop us a comment below, and we will be more than happy to help answer your questions.

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