How to Reopen a Closed Tab in Mac Chrome

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally close a tab on Chrome? What’s more annoying is that you have to go into history and click on the link to reopen it. But what if I tell you there is an easier way to reopen a closed Chrome tab on Mac?

Hi, I’m Andreas, and I love finding handy features on Chrome to improve my browsing experience. One of my latest finds is a shortcut that reopens a closed tab on Mac Chrome.

Sit tight, as I will explain how to do that.

Easy Steps to Reopen a Closed Tab on Mac Chrome

There are two ways to reopen a closed tab on Google Chrome. One involves a Mac shortcut, while the other is a native feature built into the browser itself. Let’s explore both.

Method 1: Mac Shortcut

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, open a tab and close it.

Step 2: Press “Shift” + “Command” + “T” on your keyboard.

The shortcut will reopen the closed tab if Chrome is still running. Hence, you will need to open at least two tabs – one to close and another to prevent Chrome from minimizing.

Method 2: Chrome Undo Button

Chrome has a built-in feature that allows you to reopen the most recently closed tab. Essentially, both methods achieve the same goal, with method number two involving more manual work.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, open a tab, and close it.

Step 2: Navigate your mouse cursor to the tab section (on the right area of the “+” sign), right-click anywhere and press “Reopen Closed Tab.”

You will notice that Chrome also tells which shortcut performs this action. So both methods are the same thing, just done differently.

You can repeat this process, over and over again, to reopen closed tabs in the order they were closed.

Bonus Method: Reopen a Closed Tab from History

If you want a more detailed method to open a closed tab on Chrome Mac, you can go into your browser history and do it from there. The history section on Chrome stores your browsing history.

You will find all the web pages you’ve opened and closed. Click on the one you want to reopen. 

Can You Open Multiple or All Closed Tabs?

Chrome Mac doesn’t allow you to reopen multiple closed tabs simultaneously at once. Instead, you can re-use the Shift” + “Command” + “T” shortcut. Press the shortcut multiple times and you will open all your recently closed tabs.


That concludes the easy steps to reopen a closed tab on Chrome Mac. Reopening an accidentally closed tab has never been easier, and there are several ways to do it.

Let me know which method is your favorite? Or if there is another quick solution? Either way, let me know in the comments.

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