How to Remove Safari Extensions on Mac

Removing Safari extensions is super easy. Although Safari extensions generally improve your productivity over certain tasks, sometimes they do nothing more than slow you down and conflict with other extensions.

Hi! My name is Andreas, and I’m a Mac enthusiast who enjoys exploring various applications, including Safari. Removing some extensions from your Safari web browser can help tune up your browsing experience.

Here’s how you can do that.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Remove Safari Extensions on Mac

Removing Safari extensions is an easy and straightforward process, and it can be done in just a few steps.

Method 1: Remove Safari Extensions from the Safari Menu

Step 1: Launch the “Safari” app.

Step 2: Open the “Safari” dropdown menu and select “Preferences”.

Step 3: When in Preferences, choose the “Extensions” tab.

Step 4: Select the Extension you want to uninstall and click on “Uninstall”.

Method 2: Remove Safari Extensions with Third-party App

There are a few third-party apps you can use to remove Safari extensions. I highly recommend using the first method because it’s simple and doesn’t involve installing additional software, but if you prefer, you can use CleanMyMac X

Can I Only Disable Safari Extension Instead of Removing it?

Safari allows you to only disable the extension instead of removing it. Go to the Safari app, open the Safari menu, select Preferences, and choose the Extensions tab. In the extensions list, Deselect the checkbox next to the extension you want to be disabled.

Final Words

Safari extensions can cause Safari to run more slowly. Inadequate extensions may also permit viruses to enter your Mac. Worse than this, they have become a favorite means for cybercriminals to get into your Mac. You may get unwanted ads as well as lose sensitive data.

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