How to Fix It When PS4 Stopped Working

The PlayStation 4 was released in late 2013, and since then, it has had some hardware revisions. Some of these hardware revisions solved issues that were related to the earlier PS4s. However, newer PS4 users still experience problems such as their PS4 consoles not working.

I’m a proud owner of a PS4 and a technology graduate who knows a thing or two about the PlayStation 4. In this post, I will troubleshoot the most common issues that make your PS4 stop working, their causes, and how to fix them.

The PS4 not working issue can be software-related, e.g. incomplete software updates, incomplete game downloads, or hardware-related, for instance, power strips, damaged components, etc.

Keep reading to learn more about the causes and fixes!

Problem #1: Blinking Blue Light

Your PS4 was working well the last time you used it, and now when you boot it, the LED light on the side of your console is pulsing continuously with blue light, then it turns itself off. Normally, it temporarily pulses blue and then changes to white.

So what’s the problem?

First of all, when your console pulses blue, it is a distress message of sorts. However, this is not as complicated as it may seem. Your PlayStation is simply telling you that there’s a faulty video output, and your console cannot send signals to your TV.

Sony responded to the blinking blue light issue by issuing a troubleshooting guide. When the PS4 blinks with blue light, it simply means that it has failed to enter the power-on state (usually indicated by the white light).

Possible Causes

  • TV compatibility
  • PS4 power supply
  • Hard drive issues
  • Hardware issues

How to Fix It

  1. Check your power supply connections for any faults. If everything is okay, try a different PS4 power cable.
  2. Ensure your HDMI cable is working; if it isn’t, try using a new one. Also, try using a different HDMI port on your TV and PS4
  3. Reset the PS4 by pressing the power button until the console beeps twice. 
  4. Reset your controller. Connect your PlayStation and your TV. Then press the PS4 button on your controller until the LED light changes to orange. Press it again until the LED light changes to white. Then reboot your PS4.
  5. It could be a hard drive issue, so check if your PS4 hard drive has been fitted correctly. Remember, a single screw keeps the hard drive assembly in place, and without it, the PS4 may not power on completely. Please unplug all the cables before you do this.
  6. You could try to update your TV firmware. Not all TV’s firmware can be updated, but if yours can, updating the firmware may fix compatibility issues and reset your TV’s HDMI settings which would solve this issue.
  7. Finally, if all else fails, try booting up your PS4 in Safe Mode. The procedure is explained on PlayStation’s official website.

Problem #2: Blinking Red Indicator Light

You should have already figured out that a blinking light in a PlayStation 4 means something is going on. Now the blinking red indicator light tells you that your system is probably overheating.

Possible Cause

Overheating, and is most likely due to a malfunctioning fan.

How to Fix It

  1. Switch off your console to allow it to cool down. 
  2. Clean the exterior of the PlayStation, particularly around the fan; there might be dirt and other obstacles that block air.
  3. If you keep your PlayStation near other heat-emitting electronics, move it to a well-ventilated pace.
  4. Try to use compressed air to blow around the fan.

Problem #3: Damaged HDMI Cables and Ports

Some PS4s may have damaged HDMI ports or damaged HDMI cables. The damaged HDMI ports lead to a lack of video output to the TV.

Possible Cause

Damaged or faulty HDMI ports or cables.

How to Fix It

  1. Try a different HDMI cable, and if that doesn’t work, use a different port.
  2. You may need to take your PS4 to a professional.

Problem #4: Power Strips and Surge Protectors

Your PS4 might not work because of the type of power strips or surge protectors you use. Some of them don’t have the capacity to handle the amount of power a PlayStation 4 system needs.

Possible Cause

“Underpowered” power strips and surge protectors.

How to Fix It

  1. Get a powerful power strip
  2. Connect directly to the wall socket

Problem #5: PS4 Power Button Broken

The PS4 might not turn on because your power button has broken. And it’s best that you let professionals handle it. In case you’ve tried all the other methods introduced here and your PS4 still won’t turn on, take your console to a professional.

Problem #6: Your PS4 Crashes

This issue is related to the blinking red indicator light. You’re playing your favorite game when the screen suddenly goes blank, and your PS4 shuts down.

Note: do not hard reset your console. Your console might crash.

Possible Cause

Your PlayStation 4 system may have a network issue, faulty firmware, or it may be overheating.

How to Fix It

  1. Give your PS4 console time to cool down.
  2. Try the solutions in the blinking red light section


In this article, you’ve learned some of the common issues related to PS4 stopped working and possible fixes. Most PS4 issues involve physical components, e.g., HDMI cables and power strips. So before taking your PS4 to a professional, I hope some of the simple fixes listed above are helpful.

Any other thoughts about the common PS4 issues? Leave a comment below.

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