How to Mute a Single Tab Instead of a Website on Chrome Mac

Google Chrome doesn’t let you mute a single tab; instead, it will mute all tabs from a particular website when you use the given Mute Site feature. 

Some of you might use multiple YouTube tabs or Google Meet tabs, we need a way to mute a specific tab whenever you don’t need the audio from that tab.

Hello, my name is Andreas, and I’ve been using Google Chrome for the vast majority of my Mac years. Like most of us, I listen to music while working. 

Sometimes, I tend to open multiple playlists on YouTube—each on a different tab. And sometimes, I want to mute a particular window. But Chrome lacks this feature. 

Instead, it will mute all tabs from YouTube or any other website. So how do you mute a single tab instead of an entire site? I’m here to tell you how to do that on Chrome Mac. 

I will show you the way to do it in this guide. So, let’s start.

Easy Steps to Mute a Single Tab on Chrome Mac

As I’ve already mentioned, Chrome lacks the mute a single tab feature and instead has the Mute Site feature, which mutes all open tabs from a particular website. 

Even though it seems impossible, you can still do this by downloading an extension. So, let’s see what the extension is and how to do it.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome and open the Chrome Web Store

Step 2: In the search field, type in Tab Muter. The extension looks like a speaker icon. 

Step 3: Download the extension.

Step 4: Click on the Extensions button located at the top of your browser. 

Step 5: Find the Tab Muter extension and pin it to Chrome’s browser extension toolbar. 

Step 6: To test the extension, open two YouTube tabs and play two different videos. Next, go to one of the tabs and click on the Tab Muter extension. 

Step 7: Click the Tab Muter extension again to unmute the tab. 

With this handy extension, you will mute a single tab instead of all the tabs from a particular website. 

While there are many other similar extensions, I’ve found the Tab Muter extension to be the best and highest-rated extension on the Google Chrome Web Store

So, I highly recommend you use this extension whenever you need to mute a single tab instead of a website on Chrome Mac.


There are many reasons why you need this particular feature. Sadly, Chrome lacks this capability. Even more disappointing is that Safari and Firefox have the mute tab option built into their browsers.

So, if you need to mute a single tab on Chrome on your Mac, the only way to do it is by downloading an extension. Luckily, the Tab Muter extension works perfectly and seamlessly.

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