How to Fix Mac App Store Not Showing Mojave Update Alert

Are you waiting for the macOS Mojave upgrade alert? But Mac App Store just won’t show the update you want.

macOS Mojave update no alert

You wonder whether App Store is not working properly, you have no clue where to download and install the brand-new macOS Mojave, and enjoy the beautiful Dark Mode and advanced features like better screenshot function, gallery view in Photos, and of course, the redesigned App Store layout.

Haven’t Got Alerted for Mojave Update?

The possible reasons vary.

It may be that the Apple server is too busy to send out those notifications. Yep, the Internet can be crowded too, just like the traffic we all have to face during rush hours in the morning and late afternoon.

Ever since Apple confirmed the release date of macOS Mojave to be September 24 in the Keynote over a week ago, many Mac fans and users (like you and me) have been waiting for this day.

Imagine hundreds and thousands of people around the world visiting Apple’s website and checking out Mac App Store on the same day, same hour, and even the same minute…the traffic can easily burn out any web server.

So, it’s possible that you are yet to get the Mojave update alert because the Apple server is just too busy.

Another reason could be that your Mac is running an older version of High Sierra (or Sierra, El Capitan, etc.), you should get update notifications but not related to Mojave. Instead, you were prompted to update to the latest subversion.

For example, if your Mac is running under 10.13.2, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to 10.13.6.

How to Download and Install macOS Mojave on Mac App Store?

It’s actually pretty easy. Just follow the 4-step instructions below and you should be all set.

Very Important: there are a few crucial things you should check to prepare your Mac for Mojave. This helps avoid potential issues such as data loss, install error, etc. during the installation process.

Step 1: Open App Store on your Mac. Go to the “Featured” tab. You should see a banner like this. Click on the image.

macOS Mojave on Mac App Store

Note: there may be several banners rotating automatically, just wait for a few seconds until you get this “macOS Mojave Simply power.” screen and then click it.

Step 2: Now click the “Download” button.

download macOS Mojave

Step 3: Wait until the downloading process to complete. The Mojave installer pack takes several GB in size and may cost you quite some time to download, depending on your network speed.

macOS Mojave downloading in process

Step 4: Follow the instructions to install macOS Mojave. Once the Mojave installer file is downloaded, click on the “Install” button and you should be directed to a window like this.

macOS Mojave install starts

All you have to do is simply click the “Continue” option to get started. However, we do suggest you check those 3 things before you move forward.

That’s all. It won’t take you long to see the beautiful interfaces in Mojave.

One More Tip

Once you have successfully installed macOS Mojave. You may not see the Dark Mode immediately. Instead, go to System Preferences > General, and switch to Dark Mode there. Here’s how:

Click “General” in the preferences pane
Select “Dark” under Appearance, here you can also use a dark appearance for buttons, menus, and windows.

Enjoy macOS Mojave — a macOS that isn’t named after a mountain/park anymore 🙂

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