Q&A: LG G4 Phone Dead, How to Recover Important Files?

Last updated: Jan. 7, 2017

I've got a new LG G4 Android phone for a while. Today I accidentally dropped the phone onto the ground, and now I can't turn it on. Is it possible to recover data from a dead LG phone? I want to get back at least the Contacts, text messages, photos, and videos. Please help!

The first thing we'd suggest you do (maybe you've already tried) is remove the battery from your phone, wait for a few seconds and put it back. Now see if you can start it up.

If it won't boot, recall if you have ever made any backups. If you do, things can be relatively easy. Just check your computer or Google Drive (or whatever cloud storage service you use) to restore your data.

LG phone data recovery software

No luck? Your next option is to try an Android data recovery software (see our reviews). Note: in your case, since you can't turn on your device, normal data recovery software probably won't help and you have to use a special one that supports extracting data from a dead/broken LG phone.

Below is our recommendation, plus a step by step tutorial you might find useful.

Get Dr.Fone for Android (PC)          Get Dr.Fone for Android (Mac)

  1. Get Dr.Fone and install the program on your computer.
  2. Launch the software. Choose "Android Broken Data Recovery" mode from the left pane. Select the file types you can to recover (e.g. contacts, messaging, gallery, videos, documents, etc.) and hit "Start."
  3. Next, choose the fault type of your LG phone. You have two options: "Touch doesn't work or cannot access the phone" & "Black/broken screen."
  4. Follow the instruction to scan your LG phone.
  5. Preview and recover the data it finds.

You can also watch this video tutorial for more help:

Contact an electronics engineer

If the above recovery method doesn't recover your lost data, you may contact a consumer electronic engineer. Bring your LG phone to a local computer/phone repair shop, have an engineer examine the device and see he/she can fix it for you. The engineer is be able to figure out where the storage chip is and perhaps remove it and then install it on a working Android phone.

We'll have to warn you, though, this kind of repair and recovery service is not cheap. We recommend you do this only if the data are significant to you.

Don't forget to call LG support

LG also provides repair services for their phones and tablets. And they offer software, firmware and drivers support for their consumer electronics. If it turns out that your phone has quality issues, you may be able to replace the dead phone with a shiny new one. In case you need, the official link to LG support is here: http://www.lg.com/us/support

Backup is king!

Once you recover your files and data, remember to make regular backups. Check out these helpful links:

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