How to Connect a Samsung Phone to a Windows PC

Transferring data from your Samsung Android phone to a PC has become increasingly easier as technology to connect the two devices has advanced. How you choose to connect is down to preferences.

All you need is your Samsung smartphone, the USB cable it comes with, a stable network connection, and/or your Microsoft account. And there are 5 entirely feasible ways to get the job done.

Let’s get started.

Method 1: Connect Samsung Phone to PC via MTP Mode (Media Transfer Protocol)

When the Samsung phone is connected to the PC via a USB cable, a few options pop up on the cellphone screen. One of those options is the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) mode. 

Selecting the MTP mode on the cell to connect the Samsung phone to the PC is useful to transfer small bits of information, such as photos via a USB cable. 

However, it is recommended to keep the limit of media files to a small number of media files due to its low speed for data transferring.

Method 2: Connect Samsung Phone to PC via Wi-Fi

You can also connect the Samsung phone to pc via Wi-Fi/USB. This method is high-speed and safe.

There are a few professional tools to use to transfer information to choose from, such as Samsung Messages Backup and WiFi File Transfer, which allow you to transfer almost everything from a Samsung phone to a PC effectively.

These programs support almost all Samsung phones, running Android 4 to Android 11, making it relatively efficient. 

Below are the steps to follow to connect via Wi-Fi.

  1. Set your Samsung device as a mobile hotspot via Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot & tethering. Connect your Windows computer to this network.
  2. Launch the chosen app on Android and Windows. You’ll notice that both devices are given unusual names by the app and a password. Keep a note of the password, as you’ll need it to establish the initial connection.
  3. Send a file from Android to Windows using Wi-Fi Direct, choose the destination device, and tap Send File. Browse for the file or files, then tap Send.

The data will now be sent to your PC. It’s just that simple. The best thing is that it works backward as well.

Method 3: Connect Samsung Phone to PC via Samsung KIES

Note: this method works for Samsung phones with Android 4.3 or newer.

Samsung KIES is a well-known Samsung PC suite that is available for free. The software can be used to connect Samsung Galaxy to a PC and manage your Samsung files on the computer easily. Here is the simple procedure to connect a Samsung device to a PC via KIES:

Step 1: Install and launch the Samsung KIES on your PC. Select “Wireless Connection” in KIES.

Step 2: Set the Wi-Fi network on the device.

Step 3: When the Samsung device is successfully connected and detected the PC, a Wi-Fi connection request will pop up on your screen.

Step 4: Voila, click “allow” and begin your transfer.

Method 4: Connect Samsung Phone to PC via Bluetooth

The Bluetooth file transfer allows you to transfer documents, video, and music wirelessly between a Samsung phone and a PC.

To transfer files via Bluetooth, you need to activate the function on both your PC and Samsung Galaxy, then connect your Samsung Galaxy to your PC via Bluetooth.

Method 5: Samsung Connect to Windows 10 or Windows 11 via Microsoft Account

Linking your Samsung phone to Windows is also possible via a Microsoft account. You are hence able to transfer all kinds of information from your Samsung to your PC seamlessly.

You can start a task on your Samsung Galaxy and continue to complete it on your Windows once you linked your phone to your PC.

  1. Head into the My Files app.
  2. Tap on OneDrive.
  3. Type in your Samsung Account Password then tap Next.
  4. Enter your password then select Next.
  5. Read through the popup permissions then tap on “Yes”.
  6. Once you have signed in, you will be able to view all the saved content on your OneDrive via the My Files app.

You will then be able to view content saved within your OneDrive via the My Files app.

What If My Samsung Phone Fails to Connect to My PC? 

If you still failed to connect your Samsung phone to your PC with the above methods, there are some solutions you may try to hopefully fix the problem.

  • Use a different USB cable.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Turn on Airplane mode.
  • Reboot your Samsung phone.
  • Reset your phone to factory defaults.

Final Words

There you have it – the different ways to connect your Samsung phone to a PC. You may find that they aim at different purposes for data transferring. Which one you pick to connect is directly down to your needs.

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