How to Save iMovie as MP4 on Mac

To export your iMovie video as an MP4 file, first click on the “Share” icon and select the “Export File” option. From there, select your desired quality option – low, medium, or high. Next, choose the folder where you want to save your video and click the “Save” button.

My name is Nancy, and I have been creating long and short-form videos for several years. In this post, I’ll share some simple tips on exporting your videos, as well as the benefits of saving your videos as MP4 files.

What Format Does iMovie Export My Video?

In iMovie, when you export your video project, it is saved either in MOV or MP4 format, and you cannot determine the format until the download is complete. However, it is possible to customize the export settings to save the video in the MP4 format. Let me guide you on how to do this.

How to Export iMovie to MP4 on a Mac

When you have completed the video editing process in iMovie, the next step is to export it. Simply click on the Share button located in the upper right corner and select the Export File option. From here you will find the various export settings that you can choose from. 

iMovie will automatically save your video as an MP4 file when you select one of the Quality options – low, medium, or high. It’s best to avoid selecting the quality option Best (ProRes), as your video file will be exported in the MOV format.

After clicking Next, you will be asked to choose the destination folder where you want to save your video. Once you have selected the desired folder, click on the Save button to export the video.

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Is MP4 Better Quality Than MOV?

MOV and MP4 are container formats that contain the video file and additional data. The MP4 format is generally considered to be more widely used globally as it’s an international standard. On the other hand, the MOV format was specifically created by Apple for use with QuickTime Player.

MP4 files tend to be more compressed and have smaller sizes compared to MOV files, while MOV files generally have higher quality and larger sizes. Choosing MP4 over MOV is the better option if you want to ensure that your video is compatible with most editing platforms and social media platforms.

Even though iMovie’s Best (ProRes) quality option claims to offer the highest quality, the differences between MOV and MP4 formats are generally minimal. Ultimately, the choice of export format will depend on the intended use of your video.

Final Thoughts

MP4 files are preferred by many social media platforms, including YouTube and TikTok, due to their smaller file sizes. This allows for faster upload and download speeds, which is more convenient when sharing videos over the internet. We hope these tips on how to save your video in the MP4 format using iMovie have been useful to you. 

Let us know if you have any more questions about how to export your videos in iMovie in the comments section below.

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