Does iMovie Automatically Save?

Yes, iMovie automatically saves your projects as you work on them. Automatic saving in iMovie is a valuable feature because it acts as a safeguard against the risk of losing your work in the event of a computer shutdown.

Hi, my name is Nancy, and I’m a big fan of using iMovie. As an Apple enthusiast, I appreciate how easy it is to share and edit videos across different Apple devices. 

In this post, I’ll be discussing some common concerns that you may encounter when saving your iMovie videos and providing some useful tips on how to save them effectively.  

Can I Save My Projects Manually in iMovie?

No, iMovie does not have a manual “save” option.

However, if you want to create a backup of your iMovie project, you can export it as a file and save it onto your computer, an external hard drive, or the iCloud drive.

Where Do I Find My Saved iMovie Projects?

You can find all of your existing projects saved in the “Projects” browser on all Apple devices.

On the Mac, your saved files will also be located in the “iMovie Library” file under the “Movies” folder.

What are the Best Export Settings to Save My iMovie Video?

When exporting a video file from iMovie, the software saves it in either MP4 or MOV format depending on the chosen quality settings. 

The highest export settings to save a video are in 1080p resolution, Best (ProRes) quality, and compressed to the “Better Quality” option.

What Happens if iMovie Keeps Freezing?

If you encounter freezing or crashing issues in iMovie, it may be difficult to access your projects and it can cause delays in the exporting process.

To resolve this problem, you can consider updating to the latest version of iMovie that is compatible with your system requirements, closing other applications to free up memory, or verifying if the file formats of your imported files are supported by iMovie.

Does iMovie Save If My Computer Shuts Down?

Yes, iMovie saves your work even if your computer shuts down unexpectedly due to a low battery or any other reason. 

As you work on your project, iMovie continuously saves your progress, so when you reopen iMovie, you can easily resume your work from where you left off.

Why Didn’t iMovie Save My Video?

iMovie includes an autosave function, so that’s not the issue. However, if you encounter difficulties exporting your video file in iMovie, there could be several reasons for this. 

It may be due to errors in the software or problems within your project from the transitions, audio, or media files.

Another possibility is that your Mac may not have sufficient storage space to save the video

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Below are some frequently asked questions about this topic.

Does iMovie 10 Autosave on the iPhone or iPad? 

Yes, your video projects are autosaved when you use the iMovie app on the iPhone or iPad.

Can I Save a Version or Copy of My Video on iMovie?

To save a copy of your iMovie video, you can export it as a video file and download it onto your computer. 

Final Thoughts

You can feel confident that your work won’t be lost since it will be saved in the background without the need for you to save it manually. This provides you peace of mind and saves you time during the video-making process.

I wouldn’t be surprised if iMovie’s popularity can be attributed to its convenient autosave feature on both Mac and the app version, along with its various sharing options.

I hope you found this article useful! Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below.

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