How to Open SVG File on Mac

If you need to open an SVG file on your Mac, you can use the “Quick Look” function. For that, just hit the “Space” key to preview the SVG file. Keep in mind that “Quick Look” is a tool for viewing only and it cannot be used to edit SVG files.

My name is Yana and I’m a content manager. Since switching to a MacBook Pro last year, I frequently deal with different content formats. SVG is one of them that I often work with. Therefore I know a few different ways how to open and edit SVG files on Mac.

Today I will show you a few methods on how to open and edit an SVG file, using browser and software tools. I also will cover how to convert your SVG to other formats and answer some of the most popular questions on the topic.

Key Takeaways

  • SVG is a popular choice for logos, icons, illustrations, and other graphics.
  • Your choice of method to open an SVG will depend on your needs and goals.
  • While you can preview an SVG file without installing any third-party applications, you will need one if you want to convert your file or make some changes to it.

How to Open SVG File on Mac

Unfortunately, Macs do not allow you to directly open SVG files using the built-in Preview app. But, we can open and preview an SVG file using a Quick Look function or any web browser. 

1. Open SVG File on Mac Using Quick Look 

Simply select the SVG file and press the spacebar to open it with Quick Look. The app will open the file and allows you to preview it. Keep in mind that Quick Look is only a tool for viewing and doesn’t support editing SVG files on a Mac.

2. Open SVG File on Mac Using a Web Browser

This method will allow you to open and preview the SVG file but you won’t be able to edit it or make any changes either. You can preview your file and save it as PDF if needed, but we will discuss it later on.

So, to open your SVG file on Mac, right click on your file and select the Open With tab from a dropdown menu. Next, click on an icon of any preferable browser and wait till the file is opened in a new tab. 

Now you can see the file or convert it to a PDF file if needed. For different web browsers, the location of the elements is going to be slightly different, but the process is quite similar.

Let’s take a look at how to convert an SVG file to PDF using Google Chrome. Hit on the file with the right mouse button and select Print.

In the new window, choose the destination Save as PDF and click the Save button to save a file to your computer.

How to Open and Edit SVG Files on Mac

While the above methods work for previewing the SVG files, you won’t be able to edit your file. So if your final goal is to make changes to the SVG file, this method would be the one to choose. 

To open and edit an SVG file, you will need to download a design software or use some of the free online tools. Here is a short list of some popular tools I recommend:

Once you have an application installed, you will be able to open and edit your SVG file. 

How to Open and Convert SVG files to PNG or JPEG

If you want to open and convert an SVG file into PNG, JPEG, or PDF on Mac, you can install an SVG converter application. To do it, open Mac App Store using Finder and search for SVG converter. 

Find the SVG Converter app and install it on your computer. After downloading the app, open it and you can convert the SVG file right away, just by dragging and dropping your file inside the app.

Click on the Export button in the top right corner to change the file format and save it to your Mac.


Make sure you also check the following answers to some of the most popular questions about opening SVG files on Mac.

What App Opens SVG Files on Mac?

Many apps can help you to open SVG files on Mac. I recommend using SVGViewer or SVG Converter apps from the Mac App Store.

Does Apple Support SVG?

Yes, Apple does support SVG and you can preview SVG files using Quick Look. However, if you want to make edits to your file or convert it to another file format, you will need to install some third-party apps.

How Do I Convert SVG to PDF on Mac?

You can easily convert SVG files to PDF on Mac, using any of the web browsers you have installed on your computer. Right click on your file and choose Open With and select one of the browsers. Your SVG file will be opened in a new tab, now click on it and select Print. Next, select Destination, Save as PDF, and press the Save button to convert your file.

Final Thoughts

So, today we’ve discussed a few methods to open an SVG file on Mac. Whether you need to open and preview an SVG file or make edits to it, there are some free tools or more advanced options available to meet your needs. 

Do you often deal with SVG files? What is your favorite software on Mac to work with it? Share your tips or experience in the comments section below.

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