How to Make a Vision Board on Canva

A vision board is a visual tool you can use to organize your ideas and goals. You can make a vision board with Canva mood boards. Begin with the “Mood Board Photo Collage” template and create a collage of inspiring words and pictures that can inspire you to manifest your dreams.

Hi there! My name is Yana and I have been using Canva for the last few years to create various design projects. Canva is a great tool for designing a mood board for your personal or professional needs. As I have created my own vision boards several times, I have gained a clear understanding of how to make one using Canva.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the 5-step process for creating a vision board using pre-made mood board templates. I’ll also address the most frequently asked questions about creating vision boards in Canva.

Key Takeaways

  • Most vision board designs in Canva are free, although some templates are exclusive to Canva Pro users.
  • Brainstorm your personal goals in advance to help simplify the design process.
  • Vision boards are meant to be put on display somewhere to remind you of your goals.

5 Steps to Make a Vision Board on Canva

Creating a vision board provides a daily reminder of your aspirations, helping you to clarify your intentions, focus on your goals, and stay motivated. Follow the steps below to create a vision board in Canva.

Step 1. Create a design with Mood Boards Photo Collage

Open up Canva and choose the “Mood Boards Photo Collage” template.

Step 2. Create a Layout for Your Board

You can create a vision board by using a pre-made Canva template or you can create a custom board. 

Use a Template: In the Design tab you can search for “vision board”. Here you will find many free templates available. Templates are the quickest way to make a vision board because they have prepared the layout and design concept. You just need to add your own pictures, text and graphics.

Create a Custom Board: If you have a specific design in mind, you can make a custom board by creating your layout by using frames and grids. You can find many tools in the Elements tab such as photos, stickers, frames, and shapes. 

Step 3. Add Images to Your Vision Board

You can use the free content from the Canva library or upload your own personal images. In the Elements tab you can use the search bar to find photos. 

Upload your own pictures by clicking the Upload Files button. Then drag and drop your images to the page or place them inside the frames and grids.

Step 4. Add Titles and Graphic Elements

Now it’s time to add some titles and text. You can add text effects such as text curving or highlights. Incorporate illustrations and stickers that align with your personality to customize the vision board.

Step 5. Save Your Vision Board

To save your design onto your computer, click on the Share button. Select the file type PNG and click Download.

Now you can print it out or set it as your desktop wallpaper to help you focus on your goals.


Here are the frequently asked questions about making a vision board in Canva.

What Are the Dimensions of a Mood Board in Canva?

The Mood Board Photo Collage template has a dimension of 25 x 20 cm. However, there are many different templates with different sizes. 

Are Canva Mood Boards Free?

Yes, most mood boards on Canva are free to use. There are free and paid templates available.

Final Thoughts

Canva offers an extensive library of free design tools, including a wide variety of templates, graphics, illustrations, and fonts. With these tools, you can create a personalized vision board that reflects your unique personality, style, and goals. 

Creating a vision board allows us to clarify our goals and intentions, helping us to focus our efforts toward achieving them. 

Have you ever made a vision board using Canva? What are some of your favorite tips for creating a vision board? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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