How to Add a Text Box in Canva

Adding a text box in Canva is super easy. Just open a design file and click on the “Text” button in the side menu on the left. Click on the big purple button to add a text box or choose from other text options, such as heading, subheading, or body text. You can also add a text box by pressing the T key on your keyboard.

Hi, my name is Yana and for the past six years, I’ve been working with Canva to make social media banners, ads, and blog content. Most of my designs contained text information, so I know how to play with text boxes in Canva very well.

Today you’ll learn a couple of different ways how to add a text box in Canva as well as how you can edit your text to create a great design.

Key Takeaways

  • You can add a text box in Canva with just a few clicks. This feature is free and available for all Canva users.
  • The text box allows you to add a bit of personality to your design by adding quotes, funny phrases, or any other creative text. 
  • You can edit your text by using all the available tools, such as font style, effects, or even animation.

How to Add a Text Box in Canva Web

Text boxes are a great way to quickly add headings, titles, or any other text information.

First, open your design file and find the Text button in the side menu on the left. Click on it to see text options you can insert into your design. 

You can find the Add a text box button, to add a random box of text on your design canvas. Or choose a heading, subheading, and body text with some default settings.

You also can choose from Canva preset font combinations that work well together.

Once you click on any of the text options, you will have a text box added to your design and now you can edit it.

Another method is simply to select your design file and press the T key on your keyboard. You will have a text box inserted into your design that you can customize however you like.

How to Add a Text Box in Canva Mobile

You also can add a text box in Canva mobile app just in a few moves. Open a design file and press the purple button in the bottom left corner with a plus button on it.

Find the Text tab in the bottom menu and tap on it. Now you can choose which text style to add to your design.

How to Edit Text Box in Canva

Once you have a text box in your design, you can customize it. Click on the text box, to see the top menu with all the options available to edit your text.

You can start with the font style and size, continue with changing the color and make your text bold or italic. But be aware that not all fonts allow you to do it. 

You can change the alignment, create a list, or add choose some effects, such as shadow, echo, or neon. You can underline your text or add a link to it. 

Canva also allows you to add a color background to your text box or curve your text.


Here are some answers to the common questions about text boxes in Canva.

Why Can’t I Add a Text Box in Canva?

The option to add a text box is available for all the Canva accounts. So if you experience some problems with it, check your internet connection first. Refresh the page, or even restart the computer. If you still have problems adding text to your design, try to reach Canva support.

How Do I Fill a Text Box With Color in Canva?

Choose the text box you want to fill with color, find the Effect button on the top menu, and click on it. In the new window that opens on the left side, find the Background effect. Choose it and you’ll be able to add color to your text box and edit it.

Final Thoughts

Adding text boxes in Canva can be used to add titles, labels, captions, and more. It is easy to use and available for everyone. You also can customize your text and make great graphic designs with all the tools available in Canva.

Do you usually work with text in Canva? Did you know that you can simply add a text box by pressing a T key? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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