How to Exit Full Screen on Chrome Mac

Google Chrome full-screen mode is a handy feature that eliminates distractions from your screen and lets you focus on the important stuff. But are you stuck in full screen on Chrome Mac and can’t exit? 

If so, there’s a surprisingly easy way to solve the problem. Chrome has a handy keyboard shortcut that lets you exit with little to no effort if you are stuck.

Hello, I’m Andreas and I’ve been using Google Chrome on Mac for as long as I can remember. If you find it impossible to exit full-screen mode, I’m here to tell you that exiting full-screen mode is easy.

So, let’s start.

Easy Steps to Exit Full Screen on Chrome Mac

Method 1

The solution is simple and will take only a second. To exit full screen on Chrome Mac, press command + control + F.

This is the same shortcut we use to enter full screen. So, all you need to do is repeat the command, and you will exit full screen.

When in full screen, you can’t shift between tabs unless you use the designated keyboard shortcuts. It can be a nuisance if you need to do something else on your browser, but the full screen prevents you from going to other tabs.

If you don’t want to exit full-screen mode but want to go to other Chrome windows, check out this guide on how to switch between windows on Chrome Mac. If not, use the designated keyboard shortcut to exit full-screen mode. 

Method 2

If you don’t want to use the designated keyboard shortcut, there’s another way to exit full screen on Chrome Mac.

Namely, while in full screen, move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen and wait until the menu bar appears. Then, look for the green circle icon in the top-left and click it.

After clicking it, you should be able to exit full screen right away. 


How do I get out of full screen on Mac?

To get out of full screen on Mac, press Command + Control + F or hover your mouse to the top of your screen and wait for the menu bar to appear. Then, click on the green circle. 

Is the exit and enter full screen command on Chrome Mac the same?

Yes, whether you want to enter or exit full screen on Chrome Mac, you will need to press Command + Control + F. The command works for entering and exiting full-screen mode on Chrome Mac.

How do I go full screen on my MacBook?

To enter full-screen mode on your MacBook, hover your mouse over the top-left corner of your screen. Wait for the menu bar to appear and click on the green circle. 


That concludes this short guide. I hope it has helped solve your problem and use it as a reference in the future. 

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