How to Erase in Canva

When you want to erase an object or part of an image in Canva you need to use the “Erase” tool. Click on the “Edit Image” button for the image you want to modify, then utilize the “Erase” tool to make any necessary adjustments. Canva Pro users have access to an additional tool called the “Background Remover”. 

Hi there! My name is Yana and I have been using Canva for the last few years to create various design projects. Oftentimes, I need to remove a part of an image such as the background and I’ve learned different ways to use the eraser tool to edit my images.

In this article, I will outline the process of removing an object or portion of an image in Canva’s web and mobile applications. Additionally, I will address some frequently asked questions relating to the eraser tool in Canva.

Key Takeaways

  • To delete an object, you can resize the eraser tool to match the area you want to erase. 
  • Make sure to save the file in PNG format to have a transparent background. 

How to Erase in Canva

You can remove a background or a part of an image just in a few clicks by using the eraser tool in Canva. As I mentioned before, this tool is only available for Canva Pro accounts. If you are using the free Canva version, you can consider using the blur feature.

How to Remove the Background in Canva via Web

Step 1. Click on the picture you want to edit and press the Edit image button

Step 2. Under the Background Remover section, you can click on “Erase”. Then hover over your image and start erasing what you want to remove. You also have the option to restore a part of an image if you make any mistakes.

Once you are happy with your edits, press the “Done” button to save your results.

Step 3. To save and download your design, press the “Share” button and click “Download”. Save your design as a PNG file and select the Transparent background option.

How to Erase Background via Canva Mobile App

The background remover tool is also found in the Canva mobile app. Follow the steps below to remove the background of your image.

Step 1. To add an image from the Canva library, click on the Elements tab to find the photo you want to use. If you want to add an image from your device, click on the Uploads button to upload a file.

Step 2. Click on the image, press the Effects button in the menu, and then select the BG Remover tool. Then you can start erasing parts of the image.


Here are some more questions about how to erase in Canva.

Can You Erase Text in Canva?

To remove a portion of text in Canva, double-click on the text box and highlight the section you wish to delete. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to erase it.

How Do I Cut Out Part of an Image in Canva?

You can use the crop tool to cut out a part of an image. Use the Crop tool and drag the crop handle to highlight the part you want to keep. Then click Done to complete the action.

Final Thoughts

In Canva, even the smallest mistake in your design can be quickly resolved by using the eraser tool to remove unwanted elements, text, or backgrounds. Keep in mind that the background remover tool is only available to Canva Pro users.

If you make an error during the design process, simply click the “undo” button to revert to the previous version of your design. 

Have you ever tried using the eraser tool in Canva? Share your tips about erasing in Canva with us in the comments below.

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