How to Download Canva as Powerpoint

To download your presentation as a PowerPoint file, begin by clicking the “Share” button located in the menu. Then, click the “More” button and select save as a “Microsoft PowerPoint”. This will allow you to download the file onto your computer.

My name is Yana and I’ve been working with Canva for content creation for a few years now. I like to create presentations using Canva whenever I need to present my visual ideas or concepts. However, to view my presentation in PowerPoint or Google Slides, I have to save it as a PowerPoint file.

In this article, I will guide you through the simple steps to save your Canva presentation as a PowerPoint file.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilizing PowerPoint to showcase your presentation can be useful in situations where there is no internet connection.
  • If you don’t have PowerPoint installed, you can use other free software such as Google Slides to share your presentation.

3 Steps to Download a Canva Presentation

Saving your Canva presentation as a PowerPoint file can be beneficial if you intend to share it with others since PowerPoint is a widely recognized and commonly used program.

1. Create a New Presentation

Under the Create a design button, you can click on “Presentation (16:9)” to open a new design project. Then you can start creating your Canva presentation.

2. Save the Presentation as a PowerPoint File

When you are ready to download your presentation, click the Share button and then the More button. Click and save it as a “Microsoft PowerPoint” file. Then it will be downloaded onto your computer.

3. Open Your Presentation Using PowerPoint

Upload your presentation into the PowerPoint program in order to view and edit it. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can use a free alternative such as Google Slides to share your presentation.

Final Thoughts

Converting a Canva presentation into a PowerPoint file is simple, enabling seamless sharing across different presentation software.

Sharing presentations is easy and convenient as they can be presented in various settings, ranging from small meetings to large conferences. They provide structure, visuals, and interactivity to engage the audience and enhance the effectiveness of the presentation. 

Have you ever created a presentation in Canva? If you have any more questions about how to download PowerPoint files in Canva, let us know in the comments below.

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